007. 2nd May 2005. Now for something way different…

End of April beginning of May. For some years we talked about going to the Wintermoon Festival. People had told us there was public nudity, drinking parties, open drug use and general bad behaviour. Hmm that was a diometrically opposite viewpoint from others who had been there. My sisters were regular attendees and reported it as a family event. OK. Only way to find out is to go. So we booked for 5 days and I wondered what I would do for all that time. I could not imagine having the patience to just sit around, do nothing and listen to music. I cannot hold still at the best of times. Even TV watching I have get up during commercials and do something. So it was on a brilliant sunny day we found ourselves travelling along a delightful country road in Camerons Pocket between Calen and Mt. Charleton and were staggered to see all the tents and caravans already in place. We pulled up at the entrance


Entrance to Wintermoon Festival site.


and were told the main camp grounds were full – the event had not started yet. For that reason they were using the paddocks across the road originally intended as car parking for day visitors. We found a nice camp site


We are camped way in the distance near the creek.

overlooking a cool and clear creek. We could even hear it gurgling along at night.


Swimming hole at St.Helens Creek

By the end of the day all the intended car park was full of campers. Shortly after we set up and were preparing lunch another MH pulled up. Unbelievably it was a couple from TCW whom we had met at Rollingstone a week before. Nice to have some company. Friday night was the first of the entertainment but the real big artists and entertainment would begin Saturday morning. Friday afternoon we took the opportnity to look around at the entertainment for kids, the food outlets and the market stall.


Wintermoon Festival market Stalls


The site had three different stages. Two quite close together, so as one act finishes the next begins while they get the mainstage ready for the next act. Around the hill another small stage has continuous acts.

 There were wonderful unisex hot showers on site as well as toilets. Admittedly I was already impressed before the music began.

A central campfire near a  totem pole was used for late night jam sessions.


Totem Pole at centre of Wintermoon Festival site.

On our first day there were always lots of fairy’s flitting around the place and always keeping the little kids


Folk Fairy

 entertained. I guess you could say the main theme of the event was folk music.

The main stage viewing area was protected by a giant yellow tarp while below lots of bales of hay were set up for seating or backrests.


Under the main stage tarp with audience on hay bales.

This was a really laid back  venue for all types of music including folk of course. However there was also C&W, Rock, Jazz, Ballads, Soul and even music which I could not put a name to.


Perch Creek Family Jug Band on the small stage.

Such as the band made up almost entirely of pre teens and the one legged young man who played all instruments was a crowd favourite. Keep an ear out for The Perch Creek Family Jug Band.

Our personal favourite was JigZag


Jigzag on Wharf stage

 whose energy was infectious and on the last night had 400 people dancing on the grass under the stars.

Despite my fears of maybe getting bored it was I who sat in his chair all day listening to music and getting wrapped up in the whole event. Gee I even stayed up until it closed down at midnight each night. I had to be dragged away for meals and even got to try some Hare Krishna food. Not bad.

All in all I enjoyed every day and was disappointed when it was time to leave.

I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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