009. 11th August 2005. Gee almost 2 months since we last used the MH…

We were beginning to get concerned. Here we had a very expensive MH sitting down the side of the house and we have not even been away for a weekend since we went to Cooktown two months ago. So we took time off and headed to Townsville for a week at the Dam Fine Rally run by the TCW, camped out at the base of the dam wall. This was our first rally, well mini rally really and we had no idea what to expect. So we arrived and got sited in a long straight line with over 200 other MH of all sizes, shapes, colours and values.

Dam Fine Rally Site - From dam wall.

We are somewhere in the photo over towards the back of the group.

But here is a closeup.

Our Coaster on site.

First night was a lot of fun. Happy hour had lots of us grouped around some fires and a man who was going to teach us all about percussion harmony. He had lots of different drums and rattles and shakers and all sorts of noise makers. Gradually he got those on different instruments or whatever to get a certain beat happening.

The Percussion Man - Community entertainment on first night.

Then, as he had each group comfortable with their beat he gradually introduce two groups to play their section together the added more until he has a great percussion symphony and the sound was absolutely great. Then before we knew it the session was over and it was time to break for dinner.

After dinner a singer started to play guitar and sing popular songs mainly C&W. By the time we got to the campfire (we thought it was somebody playing their stereo a bit loudly at first until somebody called out to come down to the campfire and listen.) he only played a few more songs and packed up. Big Golden Rule at these functions, music and amplified anything is over by 9.30.

It rained during the week but that did not stop any of the activities. Between rain (showers?) we did what we wanted including some great walks along the dam wall which seems to go on forever.  The weekend had a highlight in the form of the 60th Anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea. Lots of Army, Navy and Air Force people in town. Lots of visitors from overseas including many US Veterans. Then came all the marchers and bands and restored WWII vehicles. Great. Then we went and sat on a place we set out on a hill overlooking the beach. Free entertainment with music clips, live bands and John Williamson singing. Then a few speeches and in culmination the Air Force flew and F111 along the beach and did an afterburn just above the beach. It was awesome. Then a fireworks display from barges in the bay and then it was time to find the buses to take us back to the dam. After some initial confusion and taffic jams the Police sorted out the buses had first priority and we were home before 11pm. We heard others coming home at 1am and they drove. We had left the dam site before lunch so it was a long and tiring but fun day.

People in CMCA seem to like the game of disc bowls and of course I joined in and got through to the finals. Of course its fun if you are competing and there is a prize at the end.

Disc Bowls - Wallaby Bob from TCW in action.

On Saturday Night there was a bush barbecue and square dancing night at a local bush RSL Club. A bit disorganised and crowded inside but a fun night. There were Rock n Roll demos and Square Dancing Demos and that TCW man for all seasons, Wallaby Bob, cuts a mighty fine figure on the dance floor as a Rock n Roller. Of course all the dancers dressed up in colourful 50’s style clothes.

Sunday saw the wrapping up of the rally with a speech by the Thuringowa mayor, some local artists, poets breakfast and skit night. A thoroughly enjoyable time at the mini rally and all too soon it was time to pack up and head home. Not before we exchanged phone numbers with a couple near us who were members of the Mackay sugarloafers Chapter and who urged us to join as did a few other members.

Hmmm. Might have to give that a little thought. Never considered joining a chapter but so far we had enjoyed all our outings with TCW. Why not join the Sugarloafers?

I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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