010. 17th September 2005. At last we attend a Chapter meeting…

We thought attending a Mackay Sugarloafers Chapter meeting might be something different and would open up new places to go camping. Huh! I hear you say. Camping is something you do in a tent and rough it. Not with all the comforts in a MH. Yup and Nup. It is still camping.

So we arrived mid morning at a place called Boulder Creek, close to 100 Klms from Airlie Beach and about 60 Klms from Mackay. The turnoff is at Calen on the highway and take the back road through Camerons Pocket then 12 Klms of dirt road and just before Mt.Charlton, a small sugar cane village, suddenly we are here.

We were warmly welcomed by all members and soon learned this Chapter prefers bush camping with little or no facilities. There is a clear running creek which seems to have flowing water all year or at least on the many times I had been before and since. The only other facility is what is known as a Windy Loo.  Sort of a half round steel construction usually a drop pit toilet but this has a flushing toilet with handbasin. A sliding door can be locked for privacy. I can say that this toilet, seemingly in the middle of nowhere gets lots of use. Firstly from the campers across the road and all the through traffic taking back roads through a magnificent rainforrest drive. Many of these travellers, stay and have a picnic at a couple of picnic tables and barbecue pits. The land is owned by a local cane farmer and the basic facilities are maintained by council. Bravo to both of them. Our Chapter usually makes a donation to a lady up the road who cleans the toilets. We also donate toilet paper.

There was another group camped here so lots of people in this delightful spot.


Campsite - Boulder Creek

We are camped within listening distance of the creek and can see the water through the shrubbery.


Our Coaster on site.

Although we brought food for Saturday night dinner we discovered the Chapter puts on a communal dinnner for $3 a head. Always there is meat, three veg, potato, gravy plus dessert. We couldn’t make it for that price. Generally the food is cooked in camp ovens. Of course there is always morning and afternoon teas, happy hour where people bring simple treats or others make their own dips and tapenades. Lots of fun and good to get to know everybody. Despite the number of people camped around us – I think the other group was a street camp. That is, a group of people in a street get together and go camping. They liked C&W music but turned it off after 9.30. Thoughtful!

This is a very nice campsite we can visit anytime and is only just over an hour from home and we feel it is a real escape place.

I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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