013. 26th November 2005. The chapter had to Scout around for this weekends site…

What can we say about Rowallen Park?
It is a Scout Camp just outside Mackay with hot showers, water, toilets and power.
There is a meeting facility with refrigerator, hot water urn and a few other bits n pieces to make life comfortable. Well sort of comfortable.
The site is very steep






Rowallan Park Camp Site.

and there were few places to camp on level ground. A fair bit of levelling with blocks of wood was involved for most of us.


Our Coaster on site.

The toilet and shower blocks are located on a very steep hill so a vigorous walk was involved. OK for some of us but for those with heart conditions or hip replacement or problem legs and feet, that walk was a challenge. Thank goodness it did not bother me.

The covered meeting area was a good feature when we set up for meals and happy hour and the meetings. It was also good for cooking a meal and keeping water on the boil. We also got to use our air con as there was a power pole with outlets nearby.

The rules laid down by the camp caretaker was, NO DOGS. Well of course there are those people who have to take their dog everywhere. Some keep them on a lead, others let the dogs run free – which is against CMCA Club Rues for Chapter Meetings anyway. Another CMCA Rule is that dogs must be kept away from areas where food preparation, cooking and eating occur. The rule is not enforced so we have dogs around us as we eat.

The caretaker kept a number of people eating dogs. He brought one with him when he visited to discuss the RULE. Of course his dog wanted to fight and kill the other dogs particularly those not on a lead and of course the inevitable happened. The caretaker relaxed his grip, his dog took off and in the pursuit of a good dog fight they all barked, yelped, attempted bites and knocked over tables and people before order was restored.

The caretaker was angry that we had disobeyed his rule and that is the reason for the rule.

We were upset that he would deliberately bring a dog to a meeting to prove a point and the potential for injuries to us as well to any of the dogs.

Apart from that although the site is a good size there was very little in walking tracks unless we walked around the oval a few times.

We have not been back and that’s OK with me.

It was however a good indication of things that would occur with dogs in the future.

I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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