016. 18th February 2006. Slightly lost and no mobile signal…

Well, here I am at Marion Creek. The GPS was of no use to me as the location does not show up in any index because it is not a town or village. I turned off at Ilbilbie and headed towards Notch Point expecting to see a turnoff to my right with some sort of signage. I managed to drive all the way into Notch Point and thought I would ask directions but could find nobody in the streets. Donnis was not with me as she had work commitments so nobody to jump out and knock on doors for directions.
Oh well. Head back the way I came and take the turnoff which was unmarked. Hey! What have I got to lose? The road quickly turned to what I call dirt but others call gravel and the real polite people call it unsealed. Whatever. Then I saw a gaggle of MH up ahead and knew I had the right place and morning tea was still in progress – only for those on their second cuppa. Everybody else was long finished and I really needed a brewed coffee so thankfully the kettle was still simmering.
The Chapter very kindly provides sugar and milk and biscuits and tea bags and really cheap instant coffee. I like my fresh brewed coffee in a plunger so bring my own makings. All I need is the hot water.
I found a place on the creek bank a little ay away from the others.

Not that I am anti- social or anything like that. They were all grouped together and no space for me to park. Turns out it was the right choice for other reasons as well.

During coffee the Chapter members told me the sandflies were working overtime the night before. I had terrible memories of sandflies at Louisa Creek in December. The day was hot and humid with no breeze at all where the camp was placed. Seems they all parked wagon train style and that seemed to block off the breeze somehow and invite those sandflies in. I, on the other hand was parked up on the bank and enjoyed a wonderful refreshing breeze coming up the creek.


Another view on site.

This location is a popular launching place for very keen fishermen. There is a mud and clay ramp


Low tide with tinnie waiting for owner.

and with the 6m tidal range can be a challenge.


Fishing tales or Secret Mens Business.

Over the years the fishermen and or other campers seemed to treat this place as a dump. Lots of rubbish laying around and broken glass scattered everywhere.

There was a walk along the road to a locked gate and return. Nothing inspiring and although I took my camera it stayed in its pouch. I took photos around camp but never really felt as though the place grabbed my attention. Huge salt pans were just beyond camp with accompanying dried top mud but which reveals the soft mud underneath when a footprint breaks the crust. Of course lots of mangroves all around. For the fishermen a great nursery for sea life including fish.

In any event the sandflies did not bother me, nor did the mosquitoes. The next morning we did our usual meeting. I lunched and washed it down with a cold beer and had a beer at lunchtime type snooze. After that it was pack up and head home, about a three-hour drive.

I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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