018. 28th April 2006. Its Wintermoon Festival once more…

The campsite from last year was already booked out but we found another, tucked into a private corner, closer to the action but away from the main foot traffic area and made private by an overgrown creek. A couple of steps and paths had been hacked through the bullrushes for us to walk to the other side.




If anything the entertainment was better than the year before although one of our and the crowd favourite was a three piece group with guitar, monster bass and wild electric violin. Known as Jig Zag this group was made up of a man with quite a strong voice on guitar, a woman on violin and a woman, Liz, on bass. She has an amazing and distinctive voice, particularly her laugh which she seems to do often. As they all started out as buskers I guess the style of music would be a sort of folk busker rock. The other favourite was Tiffany Eckhardt who is well known for her songs particularly on ABC. She writes all her own material, plays her own guitar is often accompanied by her husband as back up guitar.
One group, The Fuelers who are probably best described as hillbilly western rock have so much energy and drive you feel exhausted after their performance. One night we left the main stage area about 11pm feeling tired and ready for bed. As we settled in we could faintly hear the music as a sort of background and somewhat comforting music. Then suddenly the volume erupted and we could hear quite clearly the announcement, “Ladies & Gentlemen – “The Fuelers” who went straight into their high volume high energy performance and we lay in bed smiling and listening to the show, imagining the various members of the band as each performed a solo. They performed until well after midnight then there was silence.
What a night.
There had been good rain a few nights before so St.Helens creek was running well and the deeper waterholes were very popular.
The food vendors were much the same as last year although the man with the espresso machine was forbidden from selling home made doughnuts. On the other hand the food shop only sold more snacky foods and coffee so it was mystery how they could sell coffee and food but he was restricted to coffee only.
The Hare Krishna tent was there as apparently they have been to every festival. They sell their veggie food and always seem to do a great trade keeping the tent open until they sell out then spend next day preparing more food for the night. We lined up and had their special as we did last year. Contrary to popular belief they do not try to sell their religion but if asked will answer.
This year there was no alcohol tent as there has been in past years. This was an attempt to cut down on those few who do seem to go overboard. This is a family event so gangs of drunken teenagers are not wanted. Seems some parents thought the festival was a great baby sitting place. They dropped their teenagers off, complete with tent and lots of booze, then leave. The Police, who were also camped there this year, rounded up the drunks and trouble makers and called the parents to take the kids home or the kids were taken to the watchhouse.

We were never bothered by drunks but noticed some overly enthusiastic behaviour.

Once again a very good family oriented event. This year we even had day visitors. Donnis managed a quick dip in the creek and for that she takes out the bravery award for 2006.





St.Helens Creek.

Lovely clean clear water but a bit chilled for my liking. She told me it was not cold. Yeah. Sure!


St.Helens Creek swimming hole.

We would really enjoy following the music festivals one year although that would probably take a lot of planning and co-ordinating but gee it would be fun!

I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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