024. 2nd December 2006. Christmas at Louisa Creek…

Well Christmas in Oz usually conjures an image of hot days and restless nights. On the coastal fringe it also means hot and humid days and humid restless nights. Those who arrive early at Louisa Creek get access to 240v power and can turn on their air conditioning. Trouble is they all turn on, then the ovens in the hall get turned on, all the fridges are running and viola! Too many big users of power are on at the same time and a safety switch somewhere turns off and there is no power – for anybody.

For those that arrive late and have no access to the power…hehehehe. Until we realise no power, no ovens or stoves to cook dinner. It gets sorted after the power people arrive but it makes dinner late but firm instructions to those on power, no air con use.



The rest of us just swelter and try to find somewhere with a bit of shade and an occasional breeze off the sea. Trouble is, the breeze is a northerly and brings with a feeling of grittiness. So this wonderful combination of heat, humidity and grittiness makes for uncomfortable people. Good things it is the season for goodwill to all men because the combination can shorten tempers or at least make some people moody.

So all the windows and doors in the hall are opened up and a minuscule breeze drifts through the shady building providing a coolish breeze. Then all those people in direct line of the breeze say “aah! Didja feel that breeze?” To which many throats return the phrase, “lovely aint it?”

Night falls at last and the breeze shifts a little more to the east then south so the breeze is very welcome especially those who have showered ready for dinner. The combination of clean skin, fresh clothes, night air and a southerly breeze and you feel almost human again. The humidity is a constant companion and will not leave until around 4am when the sandflies arrive. Not good sleeping conditions.

Apart from that, Christmas with like-minded people is fun. We have lots of laughs, nobody gets drunk, the mood is always friendly, the food is good and plentiful and although we all stay up late most of us are in bed by motorhome midnight – 9.30pm!

An early morning walk along the beach at 6am is a little uncomfortable.


Low tide on Louisa Creek.

Low tide on Louisa Creek.

Louisa Creek Beach with coal loader in the distance.

Louisa Creek Beach with coal loader in the distance.

The sun is already above the horizon and the heat turned on, the wind has swung back to the north the humidity is up around 97% and a windy swell is pounding on the beach creating a salty haze so that clean clothes feel wet and salty.

Welcome to a tropical Christmas.

It does get better.

When we get home we turn on the air conditioning. The world outside looks delightful bathed in sunlight.

I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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