034. 21st June 2008. Marian Creek re-visited. Aaah so nice for a cooling breeze…

Well here we are at the creek again. Somehow even arriving two days later than everybody else we still manage to get a site right up on the bank of the creek

Camped at Marion Creek.

Camped at Marion Creek.


with those lovely cool creek breezes. Although this is mid-winter it is still hot enough during the day to run around in shorts and T-shirts. Late in the afternoon it got a little cool and a jacket came in handy. Once night fell it was cool enough for a light pair of trousers but still nice enough to have the table set up under the stars for happy hour and dinner.

Last December the Sugarloafers had a meeting about dogs in camp. Basically as a Chapter of the Campervan & Motorhome Club of Australia (CMCA) we are required to follow all CMCA rules about camping. Some of those rules apply to dogs.

Dogs to be on a lead whilst moving around camp.

Only bring a dog into another person’s camp area if invited.

No dogs in food preparation or eating area’s.

Clean up after your dog.

Simple stuff really and respects all viewpoints. Except those people who have dogs and believe they are exempt.

A meeting at Boulder Creek in September 2007 the vote was in favour of following the CMCA Rules and dog owners were expected to comply.

So, the dog owners got together and put the issue back on the agenda at our Christmas function at Louisa Creek in December 2007. The vote was something like 28 to 11 in favour of following the rules we are obliged to follow anyway.

So the dog owners became disgruntled and sort of boycotted meetings or if they attended they camped 100 metres away.


They have no respect for other campers and get offended when asked to co-operate.

So we have an uneasy truce with them camped over there and us parked over here and they join us for meals.

Enough of the politics.

Some of the Sugarloafers bring their tinnies and do a spot of fishing and mud crabbing.

Wally on the Water.

Wally on the Water.

Peter retrieving Wally at the mud boat ramp.

Peter retrieving Wally at the mud boat ramp.


Donnis & I were woken several times during the night. The back of the bus – our bedroom – was next to the mud-launching ramp. Several boats were launched or retrieved from midnight on.

Next day we had our usual meeting, the dog issue was not raised, except for a couple of snide comments which was unbecoming of the sniders.


I had written a story for the CMCA official club magazine, The Wanderer. The story was about a character within our chapter, Vic Atherton. As part of the story, I mentioned he travelled frquently in company with two friends, Bill McKee and Syd Bonehill. They attend many other chapter events and rallies. They have been dubbed The Three Amigo’s. I required photographs of the three of them beside Vic’s Toyota Hi Ace campervan which he has named “MINI BAGO”.

The Three Amigo's. Syd, Vic and Bill.

The Three Amigo's. Syd, Vic and Bill.

We drove home.

Good night.

I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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