035. 30th August 2008. We show Cuppa & Mrs T one of our favourite spots…

Julie & Ian Lock (AKA Cuppa & Mrs T) had meandered north from Maleny and eventually arrived at our home at Airlie Beach in the beautiful Whitsunday Region. The weather was glorious as it always is at the end of Winter and beginning of Spring. Warm balmy days cool nights, good for sleeping or sitting around a campfire at night.


Clearing the ground for a campfire.

Clearing the ground for a campfire.

Cuppa enjoys a nice campfire.

Cuppa and Mrs. T.

Cuppa and Mrs. T.

Cuppa and Mrs T are on an 18-month trip, not so much around Australia but more or less where their fancy takes them around Australia. Their blog site is well a visit. See links on the home page.

We decided to take them to our favourite campsite which we simply call O’Connell River.

O'Connell River Campsite.

O'Connell River Campsite.

Cuppa always knows how to get a good campfire going so we spent a little time clearing an area of leaves and twigs and away from our rigs. Towards evening we lit the fire and allowed it to settle down to ashes then put the camp oven in the ashes. The oven had potatoes, pumpkin and a leg of lamb.

As it turns out it was a great meal made even greater by the company. Don Eldred and his wife, long term CMCA members and roving ambassadors called over to say hello. Happy hour lived up to its name. A few other people were camped nearby and it was amusing to note that each little campfire had people sitting around gazing into the flames. I am not sure what we all see in a campfire but we all seem to be drawn to it for remembrance, reflection and speculation.

During the afternoon Donnis managed to have a swim in the clear water. At coffee time we sat outside the rig on the banks of the river and watched the wildlife. First a Little Black Gannet dived off a rock and caught a fish. Then a rafter of freshwater turtles made many appearances, some even sunning themselves on logs. A couple of Azure Kingfishers zipped back and forth across the river.

Donnis at Breakfast.

Donnis at Breakfast.

This is a delightful campsite with no TV reception, spotty mobile coverage and crackly radio.

Love it

Farmhouse Road meanders past the campsite.

Farmhouse Road meanders past the campsite.

All too soon it was Sunday afternoon and time to head home.

After all some of us have to work.

I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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