038. 16th November 2008. Our final visit to O’Connell River for 2008…

O’Connell River is always nice to visit. It is close to home. Usually we get a nice site beside the river and we get to see some wildlife.


Spread out camp site.

Spread out camp site.

We get to catch up with others since it has been at least a month since we have seen them. We sit around in pairs or groups and talk

Lorraine Silver & Dorne Cawte.

Lorraine Silver & Dorne Cawte.

and play cards or go for walks.

Or snooze. Some Sugarloafers have a fold up day bed.

I can snooze in my fold-up recliner chair.

It is so pleasant to relax in the shade of our awning, or in the dappled shade of the trees, on the bank of the river, to close your eyes and drift off with the sounds of nature. Not loud sounds just a few crickets or the twitter or whistle from a bird. We mostly take our pet Indian Ring Neck Parrot with us. He seems to enjoy getting out in the bush also.

Donnis and I go for a swim in the river.


Frank & Donnis in the river.

Frank & Donnis in the river.


A flock of Little Black Cormorants are on the river chasing fish. Then they all stand on a rock with wings outstretched to dry. I wear a hat and pull it over my eyes and slowly dog paddle and pull myself along by rocks and the sandy bottom as the depth decreases. As I get closer to the flock the ones nearest me sense something is wrong but they do not know what. They dive into the water and swim to the other end of the rock. I get closer still. So close the smell of their fishy excreta becomes an uncomfortable stink.

I move closer.

The cormorants do more than stretch their wings to dry. They agitate their bodies, wings, throat muscles. I suppose the throat muscle may be a way of encouraging digestion. I just float in the water less than 2 metres from the nearest. He is aware something is in the water but does not move. It just throws a constant look in my direction. Eventually I am so tired from holding myself still in the water I have to push myself backward to leave. Still they do not move.

What an experience!

My skin, particularly on fingers and toes have the dried prune look about them.

What a silly bit of sunburn I received!

We have a communal dinner Saturday night.

I gather lots of digital photos to create a slide show for Christmas dinner at Sarina.

The people with dogs segregate themselves again but join us for meals.

They throw a few snide remarks for somebody’s benefit but none of us are sure to whom. Besides they only decrease their credibility.

Sunday we have our monthly meeting. We discuss the Christmas party.

We discuss and re-arrange camp sites for 2009.

Sandra once again asks us to consider standing for a committee position.

Especially as President.

Vic throws my name around.


I murmur my usual dissent.

We have a lunch with a cold beer and I fall asleep in my recliner.

It then becomes time to go home.


Despite it seemingly being a little bit too laid back and predictable I just enjoy the weekend away.

Drat, darn, bugga.

Time to go.


I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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