041. 14th February 2009. Valentines Day and all that jazz…

Today is St.Valentines Day.


We are not big on celebrating the event which is really a North American custom and which Australian retailers try to push on us each year.

It rained early this morning.

Quite heavy.

Enough to wake me up. Louder even than the AC. When I got out of bed at 6am to go for my walk there was still a river of water running past the garage.

Dinner was a bit different to-night.

I had bought some smoked haddock on special. Two very nice size fillets for $1.65. I cooked it in a mix of half milk half water. Then as a side dish some organic Cous Cous with a few dried herbs accompanied by stir fried cabbage and brocolli ina garlic sauce. Simple and cheap.

Delicious too.

We have to practise more simple and cheap meals for when we travel. Especially foods which can be stored without refrigeration or a freezer. Although we have a fridge /freezer on board it is only 140 ltr and only holds the basics.

I realised the AC in the bus had a loose fitting return filter and as I touched it it fell apart. Hmmm. Off to the Camping & Carvanning store to buy or order another.

As a treat I decided to ride the bike. Got dressed in appropriate bike riding gear. Key in ignition, push start button and all I got was a snivelling little whirr from the starter!

Flat battery.

I guess it has been six weeks or more since I last rode it.


Pull off the side cover to get at the tool bag so I can take off the seat to expose the battery. Undo the neg & pos screws and remove battery being careful not to pull too hard or some fittings might come apart. Darn! One did! Must remember when I put it all back. Then noticed the electrolyte was below the minimum so I topped it with tap water (yeah yeah I know. I thought the battery could not be revived anyway) stuck it on my Mobitronics  Charger (made by Waeco) overnight.

We got the very tall very thick and very wet grass cut. Some places we could not go as it was too wet and boggy.

Next I open up the bus to let it air. Poo! What a stink! Closed up like that with all the rain. Mould is growing on many surfaces and I suspect the linen and clothes hanging in the wardrobe has grown mould too.


Lots of washing coming up as well as cleaning all the surfaces to get rid of the mould.

We are getting married in 2 weeks and the bus needs to be liveable for Shelley and the kids to stay in.

Sunday morning.

I sleep in until after 7am. WooHoo. I don’t get many days I can sleep in that late.

I wake to a brilliant sunny day.

That is good and bad news. Good to see the sun but bad that humidity levels will be about 97%. Later the cloud cover returns and a light drizzle makes it seem hotter and damp again.


Took the bike battery off charge. Put it all back together and after a few tries it worked!


Rode off to the Camping ands Caravanning Store and ordered an AC filter and received an offer to replace my rain coat under warranty.

Back home and open the bus and it still stinks. I start to wash down the insides with anti mould stuff. First the outsides of the cupboards then the insides. Then the driving compartment and by then I am dripping with sweat.  Will take a break and start again after lunch.

It will need to be done twice and I suspect the mattress will need to be put in some sunlight.


Of course.


Before we leave on 14/3/09 Frankie boy.

So go figure it out.

Until next time.


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  1. Geoff Says:

    I’m looking ………… ._.


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