053.Day 58. Sunday 10th May 2009. Rain forces us to move on. Again…

In our travels, when we stay at CP we notice most of them set aside an area for permanent or permanent weekenders. For the most part the better quality CP has a stricter building code which allows for a caravan to be built on with annexes, decks, fences and walls. Some allow for cheaper versions but they are usually confined to a back corner of the park. As with most CP on the coast, to continue with a lease or license the CP must give over some of the land for public use. We have noticed where this is the case, the permanent people are nearer the public use land. This is where the day time noise is the greatest.

I woke at 6am. Overcast conditions. By 7am the rain started, slowly at first but as I write this, the rain is becoming more intense. We have just scrapped our plans to hire a boat and explore the lake.


We head towards Bomaderry, stopping at several caravan and or motorhome sales yards. Found a couple of MH which would suit our purposes but really give us no more than we already have.

Also stopped off at Bunnings to get a few suction cup fittings and look at possible tap fittings for grey water tank.

We arrive in the afternoon to be greeted by Geoff with one of his excellent home brews. Margaret has to work today and tomorrow.


I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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