055. Day 60. Tuesday 12th May 2009. We catch up with T1 and enjoy a pie…

Travel day again.

We are heading north again. I turn off at Shellharbour, a suburb of Wollongong then head over to Bass Point.

This stretch of coastline has been preserved by various groups with access limited to day use only and gates are closed each evening at 6pm. Dive groups, boardriders, walkers, bird enthusiasts, picnicers and historians visit this place. Aboriginal shell middens are still visible although some searching is needed to find them. An indigenous cultural walk points out items of interest. Further along the point several memorials have been established at the site of a shipwreck in 1943. The ship “BOSTON”, a US troop carrier ran aground here in a huge storm. An Australian artillery detachment was stationed at this location and staged a rescue of the US crew and soldiers. All were rescued but 6 Australians lost their lives in the process. I first visited the site as a child in the 1950’s and was impressed with the remains of the ship, or should I say the rusting skeleton of the ship. Later in my teens and early and mid adult life, visited Bass Point regularly to surf or snorkel the bays. I noticed the degradation of the remains of the ship. Today only a few small items of rust lay among the rocks. Would have liked to stay longer but we had other places to be and a storm was brewing from the north.

We dropped in to see a CMCA forum regular – Terry – also known as T1. He introduced us to an award winning pie shop at Lake Illawarra so after a hearty lunch we were on our way once more, to Gymea Bay and a stop with my sister Bev and her family.

Luckily all the rain had fallen before we arrived so the afternoon remained clear with patches of wet road.


Shellharbour from Bass Point.

Shellharbour from Bass Point.

I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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