056. Day 61. Wednesday 13th May 2009. Water views everywhere…

A slow, late, start to the day. Errol & Nicole call over and we buy a sandwich platter from a local deli and drive to the Gymea Bay Swimming Baths. We sit on the pool steps to eat lunch while watching local fishermen trying to catch “slimey salmon” for the fun of it. We also play the “what do you reckon that house cost” game. All the waters edge properties have long stairways to the water with a boat house and jetty. Many of the stairways and boathouses are built out of sandstone. A local real estate guide confirms none of these houses would be less than a million dollars.

Next we have a nostalgic pilgrimage – for me – to Cronulla to watch the local surf pumping in at the points and over the reef. Waves were a good two plus metres and from the point we could see wave after wave rolling in. The water was clear and clean with a few dozen surfers jockeying for position on the reef break. The cathartic spell was broken almost an hour later and the filmy gauze of yesteryear finally lifted from my mind. Bill Lipson from the office would have been totally in his element as he is fortunate enough to be still surfing. Alas no photos.

As the afternoon shadows lengthened it was dark before 5.30pm and the evening chill reminds me although this is a long way from the cold of Tassie, winter is still approaching.


I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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