062. Day 67. Tuesday 19th May 2009. The MH is ready, Gentlemen start your engines…

Another quiet day.

Donnis & Catherine went visiting to see friends of Catherine. All of whom are involved in healthy lifestyles, creative pursuits, Reiki (Catherine is a Reiki Master), spiritual enlightenment (Catherine has been, variously, a lay missionary, a Domenican Nun and has been initiated into both the Tao and Tibetan Buddhism faiths) and creative crafts. They enjoyed a morning tea while I harassed the leckie for a completion time.

Roy and I took a walk around the property. We found the remains of a freshly killed rabbit, head and ears only. Most likely a fox has been at work. Luckily R&C have no pets or farmyard animals.

I picked up the MH just after 4pm and paid the surprisingly reasonable repair bill. The MH runs so quietly, the best it has ever sounded. No warning lights on the dashboard. We get to leave here in the morning.

Bad news is a severe weather alert with heavy rain is forecast for the next three days from Noosa to Nambucca. The same territory we will be travelling.

Good news is, Roy has cooked up a fabulous Nasi Goreng for dinner

I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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