063. Day 68. Wednesday 20th May 2009. On our way but the weather outlook is not encouraging…

After a late start (we replaced seals in the cassette toilet and taped over seals in the rear windows) we were on the road. About 6klm into the trip the warning lights came on long enough for me to have a minor heart attack but not long enough to show Donnis. The lights have stayed off for the 257 klms of the trip.Encountered some strong winds and heavy rain along the way.

Stayed with Tony & Dawn at Port Macquarie.



Tony and I first met in 1966 when we called on the Stationmaster at Sydney’s Central Station at the same moment. We had both been called up for National Service and were due to catch a bus at Central and we could not find the bus. Tony and I were assigned the same bus, training platoon, hut and corps all through our two years. We were also discharged on the same day. Tony was best man at my first marriage and has been a friend since we first met all those years ago.

Heavy rain and strong winds along with flooding rivers are predicted so we have decided to stay another night with T&D before we hit the road again.

Dawn, Tony n Donnis.

Dawn, Tony n Donnis.


2 Responses to “063. Day 68. Wednesday 20th May 2009. On our way but the weather outlook is not encouraging…”

  1. Tony & Dawn Says:

    Hey-Im learning to operate this thing,dont expect miricles, I had to contact our son to ask what is a blog and how do we find you???, The Winnee looks just like I thought it would, hope you both have many enjoyable trips, to a point I;m jealous, shall have to start our engines and catch up some time,Guess what its still raining here, the wettest we have seen it in 21 years. It certainly was great to see you both I suppose it is now our turn to hit the tarmac and possibly see you somewhere on the road.


    • frankeeg Says:

      Of course you should. Hand the reins over to somebody, drive out to the highway, turn right and drive 2,000 klms north until you hit Proserpine, turn right until you arrive in the Whitsundays. Then give us a call.


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