064. Day 69. Thursday 21st May 2009. Decisions, decisions, decisions…

As it was a wet and very windy day, tennis was cancelled and Dawn was kind enough to show us the district. We drove around some of the beaches of Port, then continued to the southern beaches including Lake Cathie, North Haven, Camden Haven and Laurieton. All were being pounded by huge confused seas gouging at the sand and creating erosion. The seas have been whipped to brown foam which is being blown along the sand. The wind was so strong it was difficult to stand upright to walk.Heavy rain has been falling all day with a large storm cell hovering over Grafton and Lismore area but extending to the Gold Coast and south to Coffs Harbour. The decision to stay another night seems was the correct choice. While we stay warm n dry and well fed, the rain falls relentlessly in the north.

Storm Surf.

Storm Surf.


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