073. Week 12. Day 78. Saturday 30th May 2009. A new beginning in the Winnie. What shall we name her?…

Yes, we are inviting suggestions for a name.

Donnis has an appointment with an acupuncturist at Warrana and on our return she falls asleep on the bed while I have lunch with Sue n Ken. After lunch begins the tiresome process of putting all the stuff we took out of the Coaster into the Winnie. Some stuff was Coaster specific so we will have many changes to carry out but it is an all day, night and tomorrow morning job.

Late in the afternoon we drive to Noosa Woods for a walk along the beach, the river and a cold beer and nibblies.

After that we head over to the retirement / nursing home to visit with Uncle Bill. It is a embarrassingly long time since we have spoken with each other, probably near to 30 years. He looks and sounds good for 75, despite lung cancer, brain tumour, broken arm, hip replacement, loss of his wife Zona and his son Bobby in the last few years.

After the visit we attend a street party in Thomas Street. The local fancy eateries all put on street stalls along with the usual street entertainment and a powerful duo, Me and Mrs Jones. We try a bit of French sausage on a bread roll, then some Japanese omelette and dumplings all washed down by a glass of white. Oops! The security staff reminds us booze is not permitted.

Winding up the evening, Donnis and I watch a couple of ladies doing balloon art for kids and marvel at the money which goes into their bags. Balloons start at $5. With deft hands they churn out a $5 balloon in two minutes. A $10 balloon in three minutes. Kids and mum and dads are lined up to hand over money. Tiring work on your feet from 4pm to 9pm but it seems the rewards are good. They noticed us watching and thanked us as most people only hang around for the balloons while we watched them with interest.


2 Responses to “073. Week 12. Day 78. Saturday 30th May 2009. A new beginning in the Winnie. What shall we name her?…”

  1. Merewyn Wright Says:

    Congratulations on the new addition to the family. Look forward to welcoming her to the neighbourhood. My parents had a Winnegago for a while – they just called her Winnie! I’m sure you can come up with a more original name than that!


    • frankeeg Says:

      Hi Merewyn, nice to know you are reading the blog. We are almost home. For the moment we are using the generic, familial, boring, repetetive name of “winnie” in the blog. We really need a nice name but so far have not found a name we both like. My brother calls his MH “FINALLY” so I will not call ours “AT LAST”.


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