074. Day 79. Sunday 31st May 2009.

Finally everything is packed away inside Winnie, a light lunch and we are away. Thanks to Sue n Ken for their hospitality and use of their car. What could have been a very trying exercise was made easier with their help.We only travel less than 60klms from Noosa in wet conditions to Kenilworth and find Glenoaks, a farm stay campsite for $12 a night. Glynnis is also having a couple of nights here in her Paradise MH. The farm stay puts on a camp kitchen unlike any we have seen. In fact they also supply a pot belly stove, genuine 100 year old claw foot bath and hot n strong hot water. The shower is a brick floor and tin walls. All the buildings are built with a bit of a lean to them. Perhaps the builder did not have a spirit level or more likely only had one eye. The toilets are a “thunderbox”. That is, a large plastic bin, with a toilet seat which fits around the top. When you are finished a scoop of sawdust thrown in the bin keeps it sort of smelling clean for the next person.

We cook our first meal – stir fried beef n rice – for our first guest and eat at the table for the first time. In fact this is the first time we have been able to invite a guest into our MH. The Coaster dinette was simply too small, even for two of us. A glass of wine, washing up in the camp kitchen and we watch a movie on the laptop.

Tomorrow, rain willing, we will wander around and have a look at the animals although I suspect they will wander down to see us first as a flock of African goats showed up late this afternoon and surrounded us.

I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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