075. Day 80. Monday 1st June 2009. This on and off rain then sunshine then rain is depressing….

Wake to another wet day. Some farmyard animals eat grass around our MH and when we emerge, some wander over for a look at us. A couple of miniature horses beg for an apple, one starts to follow us around and when it feels ignored gives a soft lip “bite” to an arm.

The sun comes out for a brief period so a walk to the end of the road seems appropriate. After lunch the rain comes back, it seems to be set in. We start up a movie on the laptop and settle in for a wet afternoon.

D & G polish off a bottle of white.


Dinner is corned beef with the trimmings including white sauce made on soy milk. G’s electric pressure cooker goes pop and blows all the power to the camp. Twice! We dig out our pressure cooker and on a slow gas ring in the camp kitchen it takes ages to bring the pot up to pressure.

We finally eat dinner at 8pm.

Another movie on the laptop makes for a late night but the drip drip drip of rainwater from the trees lullabies us to sleep.


A couple of equine visitors.

A couple of equine visitors.

I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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