076. Day 81. Tuesday 2nd June 2009. Rain rain go away…

Another wet morning with patches of sunlight from time to time.

Travel day.

A quick final tour of the farmyard with several dogs as escort plus of course the little horse. Ducks, chickens, geese, sheep and African goats. Then the pig pen with lots of glorious mud for them to wallow. How they manage to sleep in mud is amazing.

Now Daisy the cow follows us. She has adopted a small abandoned calf of a different breed. Daisy and the horse push and shove to be in front with us. The calf wanders behind. What a funny sight we must be!

Time to move on.

Hmmm! Follow the road to the intersection, turn right and follow the road to the coast. Correct? Wrong! We find ourselves on a mountain pass going to Mapleton. It is very steep and it takes a bit of first gear work before we find a place to turn around. It is a long 17klms back to the Kenilworth turnoff before we are on track again.

Shopping at Gympie then on to Rainbow Beach which has been washed away by the cyclone earlier this year and the big seas of the past few weeks.

We have only travelled about 60 klms, as the crow fly’s, north of Noosaville.

It rains in fits and spurts.

When we unpacked the Coaster and packed the Winnie, all the warm jackets and rainwear were placed in a big plastic box and put in the basement. Because we are now in Qld we did not think we would need them.

Wrong! The rainwear will become part of our wardrobe again!

Not much more to say about Rainbow Beach except to say we came, we saw, we left.


Farmyard friends, Donnis n Daisy.

Farmyard friends, Donnis n Daisy.

I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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