078. Day 83. Thursday 4th June 2009. The sun is with us today…

Up early today to see the dolphin feeding at 8.30am at a boat ramp. They were late, the pair of Indo Pacific dolphins arrived at 8.40! These creatures totally amaze me. What time mechanism do they have which tells them, wherever they might be in the bay, to interrupt whatever it is they are doing and swim to the boat ramp to be fed smelly small fish. They also recognise when the fish buckets are taken away it is time for them to leave and in a matter of moments they are gone. Usually it is the same pair of dolphins, one is clearly in charge. Sometimes another dolphin will accompany the leader and occasionally there will be three dolphins. They are part of a pod in the bay and have turned up each day at 8.30am for twenty years.

We take our leave of Rod and thank him for his hospitality and commence our journey once more. A stop at Maryborough for a look around and a squizz at the Thursday markets before we make lunch then on the road again.

Just a little south of Gin Gin cars from the other direction are flashing their lights at us. The reason soon becomes clear. There has been an accident in front of a highway petrol station. A big 4WD is on its roof while the caravan it was towing, is on its side. Police cars, Ambulance, SES and tow trucks are in attendance. The road is blocked but Police have set up a bypass around the scene but it looks chaotic. We glimpse a person on an Ambulance gurney and a couple of people sitting on the ground beside it. The truck which hit the 4WD is surrounded by people. It makes us both feel uncomfortable, especially driving the new rig, some things have not yet become automatic. Turn indicators are on the left of the wheel while wipers are on the right. I still turn on the wipers when indicating a turn! A momentary lapse at the wrong moment could be disastrous.


We stop at a Freedom site on the northside of Gin Gin but pull up stumps after an hour as the battery monitor tells me the charge is low and the batteries will not make it through the night.

Hmmm! It is a puzzle why the charge is low. Perhaps I have forgotten to do something or turn something off. Tonight we are on shore power so should have full batteries in the morning. If it does not rain we will go to Burnett Heads.



Donnis n the Dolphins.

Donnis n the Dolphins.

"MYSTIQUE". The leader of Indo Pacific Humback dolphins.

"MYSTIQUE". The leader of Indo Pacific Humback dolphins.

I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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