085. Day 90. Thursday 11th June 2009. Home…

We arrive home.

Much to do.

First, Donnis has a shift at the Nursing Home at 6.30 am in the morning. Must make sure her car is running OK and has fuel.

Next my car so I can do a few errands tomorrow.

Uh Oh! The spare is on the rear drivers side. The original is in the boot. Flat.

Oh well I will go to the tyre shop in the morning.

Oh no! the battery is flat so I put it on overnight charge.

In the meantime there are tree branches in the way of backing the winnie into the old Coaster slot. Out comes the chain saw and ladder and a good bit of trimming gets done.

It is too late to wash the MH so leave all that for tomorrow.


A summary of the trip will be available over the next few days.









One Response to “085. Day 90. Thursday 11th June 2009. Home…”

  1. Paul & Wendy Greenfield Says:

    Welcome back to the land of milk & honey. Enjoyed your travels and look forward to your next adventure.


    Paul & Wendy


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