086. Day 91. Friday 12th June 2009. Rant begins…

Donnis left for work at 6am and I could not go back to sleep.

As the morning progresses I discover I am making no progress (deliberate play on words to progress the story) and I am not going to have an easy day.

In fact I feel a rant coming on.

The car battery was left on charge overnight but it is still flat. I put it on “start” and soon have the motor purring. I take it for a nice drive, return to just outside the garage as I will go to the tyre shop after breakfast.

Not so!

The battery is dead. It did not even hold the charge. The bike battery is also dead but I knew that before I left so I bought a new battery while in Mackay but I cannot get to the bike as it is jammed in the back of the garage. Michelle has stored her furniture here and will move it in the morning so I might put off the bike until then.

Neighbours Stan n Dennis call over for a tour of the MH. Dennis brings a trailer around so we can stack in all the tree clippings from yesterday.

Goodonyer Dennis.

I manage to vacuum the MH by mid afternoon and take a few internal photos.

Donnis arrives home at 3pm so take her car to buy a new battery and set up an appointment at the tyre shop for 8.30 in the morning.

Oh No! The battery terminal posts are too large for my terminal clamps and I cannot get to Supa Cheap before they close.


I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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