087. Day 92. Saturday 13th June 2009. More rant day…

I load the old battery and the new battery into the MH, drive to Supa Cheap get the correct battery and rearrange the tyre shop schedule.
Get home to connect the battery and now the terminals are a tad thin and the negative terminal pops off and hey presto, no power.
Manage to get back to Supa Cheap and he suggests grinding down a lead fitting on the clamp so it closes tighter. Rush around to the tyre shop and they now have four jobs in front of me. I drop off the tyre, rush to Woollies, do the grocery shopping, back home, cut down the “nylon” not lead, clamp fitting and it is still not perfect but it works.

Each time I disconnect / reconnect I have to reset the clock and radio stations.


Spend an hour filling the bike battery with acid and put it on slow charge.

Back to the tyre shop and they have not got to my tyre and will not do so before Monday.

Grrr! I should have phoned.

Michelle has not shown up nor has she called. I need to get to the bike.

At last I get the MH washed and it looks good.

Uh Oh. Some more overhanging branches to be moved before I can back into the spot vacated by the Coaster.

It’s a tight fit but we are in. Now I have to find a way of sheltering it from the elements.

Went to put on the dishwasher. !@#$. Error message. Blocked drain or heating element is faulty. Pull out all the drain hoses to inspect them. No problems so it must be the heater and a job for a techie whenever they can bother to turn up.















2 Responses to “087. Day 92. Saturday 13th June 2009. More rant day…”

  1. Tony & Dawn Says:

    Hey it looks like there is enough room for Dawn & I to hitch a ride.


    • frankeeg Says:

      Yeah, there is another set of seatbelts and a spare bed over the cab. We have some great local bush camp sites and better food than you used to get in the Army.


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