088. 20th June 2009. After a week at work we deserve a reward…

The CMCA Club Chapter, Mackay Sugarloafers has a scheduled chapter meeting at O’Connell Rive this weekend. I have reported on this campsite on several earlier pages.

We arrived at 10am Saturday expecting to see the usual 15 or so rigs and secure ourselves a nice riverside campsite.

Whoa!!! Motorhomes, caravans and people everywhere. There must have been around 40 rigs and at least 60 people at morning tea.

What the!!!

Now O’Connell River is not a secret location although we try not to let too many people know about it. It is not in the CMCA Wanderers Mate list of campsites nor is it listed in any of the Camps Australia books.

So far.

It seems the Proserpine Mini Rally is on next weekend and lots of people read their Wanderer and noticed our chapter is having a weekend meeting  and figured the location was only a short distance from Proserpine and what better way to fill in 5 days or so while waiting for the Proserpine Rally to begin.

Finding a camp spot was a little harder than usual with some campers around the corner with their bigger rigs. We found a level spot a metre off the dirt road.

A pleasant afternoon was spent catching up with various Sugarloafers. We got in early and set up our table for dinner on the banks of the river and within 4 metres of the planned log fire.

What a night. The company of 60 or so like minded people, good conversation, lots of laughs a great corned beef meal with all the usual vegetables and white onion sauce and a bottle of wine all under a canopy of fig trees and the stars with a log fire as ambience.

At dusk we discover a problem with our house batteries. They appear not to hold a charge and although on the surface the gauge is reading 14.7 volts, it would seem there are little or no amps so as soon as a small load is placed on the system – such as a couple of lights – the voltage drops and within a short time the voltage is too low to maintain the lights and the overrider cuts off the system.

I had heated water late in the afternoon so we could have a hot shower. Without battery power we have no lights to see by nor to power the pump to the shower.  I start the motor for a short while this puts enough amps into the batteries so we have enough power to flush the toilet a couple of times. After that we move around by torchlight. That is not such a problem as the dinner goes on late enough for us to climb into bed and fall asleep.

Donnis sleeps but I wake at 1am with the battery problem on my mind. I read a magazine by torchlight until I am tired again.

Sunday we have a leisurely breakfast and a few visitors eager to see the MH. We spend today much like yesterday – socialising.

The club has a meeting and morning tea and we are presented with a gift from the club to celebrate our marriage. It is a stoneware casserole dish and two stoneware pannikins. It will come in mighty handy in the MH.

Morning drifts on to lunchtime. Then it drifts on to 3pm. We have not done anything strenuous all weekend but our minds feel re- charged. This location is peaceful. Can you imagine around 80 people in a small area and no noise? No loud boom boom stereos, or TV’s or arguments or disputes or drunken loutish behaviour.

Goodness it is time to pack up and head home again.

Sigh! I could easily stay here much longer.

Obrigado por leitura


At the river crossing.

At the river crossing.


Some of the more than 60 diners on Saturday night.

Some of the more than 60 diners on Saturday night.

Our campsite beside the road.

Our campsite beside the road.

I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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