091. Saturday 4th July 2009. Just another day…

However over in USA land it is a big day of Celebration and we wish them a happy July 4th. Owyagoinn’ Claude? Bonza I hope.

The adventure which was our trip to Tasmania is over but the blog still goes on.

Most days we are asked, “are you planning your next trip”?

The answer is always, “YES!” In reality there is no formal plan, just a vague collection of ideas we would like to put into reality.

For some time Donnis has said “Oh there is such and such a Festival at Gumbootscootun or a week long celebration of  something at Oceanriverlake”. Of course she would like to attend. So would I. We need to amass more holidays in order to be able to pay for adventures. In the meantime we have to be content with a monthly trip away and a bit of bush camping within a 100 Klm radius of Airlie Beach.

The weather at present is just typical wonderful Winter. Glorious sunny days with light winds and cool nights. Daytime temps are around 23 to 25 degrees and overnight ges down to 12 to 14. The hills are alive with the greenery which we know will progressively die off over the next 4 months through lack of rain. The green grass which is such a nuisance in the summer, needing to be cut at least twice a week, will turn crackly brown and in places become a dust bowl. Comes the rain and one day of lightning and it all changes again so we can almost hear the grass growing.

In the meantime we just enjoy the weather.

We put two new 85 amp hour AGM batteries into the MH as the old batteries were not holding a charge beyond about 8pm at night. I suspect we may need a third battery somewhere down the track and we have pretty much decided to take a generator with us in future.

We noticed our friends Cuppa and Mrs T on their web site are now somewhere north of Broome in WA. They have had some intermittent problems with their alternator. They hope and we support their hope the problem is now fixed!  We suffered much the same problem but were more fortunate it only took 5 days away from our schedule to fix.

It is the weekend and we hooked up the big bike trailer and filled it with all the branches and small trees we cut down last weekend. Then it was off to the council tip where we unloaded the green waste where, along with all the other green waste dropped off by hundreds of households, it will be pushed through a shredder and turned into wonderful, smelly mulch.

Donnis has been busy putting photos from our wedding into frames and hanging them on a wall. She also made a collage (or should that be montague?) of wedding photos and using her scrapbooking skills and bits n pieces created quite an attractive piece of wedding artwork!

I managed to install a solar powered light on our letterbox to shine on our house numbers. I also managed to check the sacrificial anode in the hot water service, modify and re-install the dinnette cushion bracket, install non slip material under the dinette seat cushion, clean the MH carpet, vacuum said carpet and floor and steps. Also managed to find my collection of suction cups and put the windscreen protector into place.

Ahh! we also delivered the trailer to the caravan & camping shop, who have taken it on consignment. She tells us she sold a merry go round once so it should be easy to sell a trailer!


Not as exciting as being on the road and putting up photos on the blog but we expect to have three trips away over the next few weeks so stay tuned.

boa noite

I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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