092. Saturday 11th July 2009. Family reunion time…

I usually have breakfast on the verandah each morning. At this time of year the sun is just peeping over the nearby Conway Ranges and I am bathed in light and warmth. I am surrounded by native trees and shrubbery. Many of the shrubs are in bloom. Birds will come to visit, well, not me but the shrubs in flower. One regular visitor this week has been the Spangled Drongo who makes a raucous noise as he arrives but then has a melodious whistle for a few moments then reverts to the noise again. He flys into the Melaleuca which at present has a gorgeous pink bottle brush type bloom and buries his beak in the stamens time and time again. Look closely at the photo and you


Spangled Drongo with pollen on his beak.

Spangled Drongo with pollen on his beak.


will see traces of pollen on his beak. This got me wondering. You know when I wonder. It is a Hmmm!

Hmmm. I understood the Drongo was a meat eater. In fact his beak is a typical carnivore style, strong, heavy, pointed. He catches insects on the wing or plays hovercraft on the trunks of trees nearby, most likely trolling for insects on the trunk. But why is he repeatedly coming back to the flowers every morning? Perhaps, I am musing, there are insects on the flowers and he is picking off the insects. Yup! A close look reveals there are little bush bees, or other flying insects including a large ant like critter. Not on every flower mind you but enough variety for a balanced breakfast. The Drongo is a bit cheeky coming with three metres of where I sit. He is aware of me and so long as I do not encroach on that distance he takes no notice of me.

Donnis worked late last night and started early this morning. She told me this morning she felt like she has phlegm in her lungs and is beginning to cough. She may be coming down with the flu! The weather forecast is for strong winds. I can feel the change in the wind and my skin feels sensitive all over. In fact the wind is making me feel unwell and cold. I am wearing a warm jacket although the sun is shining. I also noticed phlegm running down the back of my throat. My muscles and joints are aching. Uh Oh!

This week marks the beginning of a busy time next week. I had a specialist appointment this week in Mackay. When I feel the time is right I will discuss why. I also have a hospital admittance on 20th July and having two procedures carried out.

Alecia, Donnis’ daughter who is living and working in Canada called. She has a return ticket to Oz which expires end of August and if she does not use it, loses it. She has also managed to secure two weeks holidays in the middle of their summer. This is like winning lotto. Donnis checked with Flight Centre and yes her ticket is still valid and suddenly Alecia has plans for her holiday and will arrive at Proserpine next Wednesday and will fly out from Mackay the following Monday.

Our motorhome Chapter, Mackay Sugarloafers, has a weekend camp at Boulder Creek the weekend of 18th and 19th. Now we have a MH with an extra bed, Alecia can join us for the weekend – if she can enjoy time with all us old folk.

Donnis will drive me to the hospital on Monday and Alecia to the airport the same day.

Brother Allan and wife Rae are currently at Kurramine Beach up north and will head our way starting today, Saturday 11th July and taking their time, camping along the way at Balgal Beach, Rollingstone and Bowen, should be here next Friday. They can also join us for the weekend.

We are looking forward to catching up with Al, Rae and Alecia. Better get a bit more wine into the cellar in the MH. We might need it.

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