093. Weekend of Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th July 2009 plus a couple of days. We travel again, briefly…

Donnis’ daughter Alecia arrived from Canada on Wednesday. She was pretty much out of it for 24 hours as jet lag had caught up with her. On Friday the two of them did a bit of a drive around showing Alecia all the changes around town since she left to travel round the world almost 18 months ago. Glynnis our good friend turned up in her Paradise Motorhome and parked at the back of our property and hooked up to 240 volt power. That night we had pork spare ribs (the real spare ribs not that fatty belly flap they sell at the supermarket and call spare ribs) the ribs were cooked in my secret family recipe barbecue sauce. This makes the ribs finger lickin good and you need paper serviettes and a wet towel before you can pick up a fork or spoon to eat the accompaniments. There were no leftovers. A pre dinner drink, a few glasses of wine and it was a relaxing evening.

Saturday I drove the 120 klms to Boulder Creek in the Winnie (still looking for name suggestions – anybody can do it) Donnis, Alecia and Glynnis went to the Airlie Beach Markets. Donnis and Alecia followed mid afternoon while Glynnis camped in our front yard while she visited other friends nearby.

I know, I know, I know. I have written about Boulder Creek several times before. I will write about it again. It is a flat piece of land carved out of a sugar can farm by by the owner and set aside for travellers. The legend is the property owners son was killed in December 1997 (see photo of plaque) The parents set this piece of land aside and included several concrete picnic tables set in a site sheltered by palm and other trees, a barbecue pit and plate, a flush toilet in a Windy Loo http://www.windyloo.com.au/ with a handbasin and a water tower. Of course the ever gurgling creek is right beside the picnic grounds and travellers camp area. This is just the place to sit and spend a couple of days doing nothing and not feeling guilty about it. I made a couple of hot dogs for lunch washed down with a cold beer and I had a snooze before D & A arrived. That night we had a club dinner of bangers and mash and sat around the campfire until late. – 9.30pm.

Sunday. We had a club meeting and by midday they had all gone home only to be replaced by some new campers including Glynnis.

I am scheduled for day surgery at the Mackay Mater Hospital at 8.30 am tomorrow. As it is only a 45 minute run to Mackay from the creek we have decided to stay over. If I am released tomorrow I cannot drive and too much travel is not recommended. I am having a Colonoscopy and Haemmoroidal banding tomorrow and not looking forward to it. All day today I am taking a “clean out” cocktail and on a strict clear fluid diet. While the three girls dine on Osso Bucca prepared by Donnis I have to be content with a thin broth and an ice block. We sit around the campfire with some campers from Wollongong. They are headed for the Cape in their Mitsubishi 4WD wagon. Another late night. 9pm. Here is a strange thing. I turned on the laptop to watch a movie. My wireless internet searcher has  found a person using wireless nearby so I download our emails. Must be the back packers in the Space Ship parked near us.

Monday. I have an interview with the aneasthetist. He explains he will put a needle in my left hand and within 10 seconds I will be asleep. OK so here I am on the table, the little catheter or whatever is in the back of my hand. The anaesthetist attached a large plunger thingo and tells me I will feel some warmth in my arm. Yeah. I can see his bright green plaid jacket. It must be more than 10 seconds and I am still awake. I had best tell him cause I do not want to be awake when they do the procedure. I open my mouth to speak and the next I know  a nurse is talking to me and there is pain in my bum! The procedure is completed and I am in recovery. What The!

What the surgeon describes as “discomfort” is really pain. That is why he has prescribed painkilers for discomfort. Should’nt he prescribe discomfort killers? There is no way I can drive (I am on strict instructions not to drive and will not be released until my carer shows up – she has gone to the movies) and sitting is an effort. Once I am discharged – the surgeon found 4 haemorroids, usually there are only three – we take Alecia to the airport to catch a flight to Sydney and we say goodbye. We buy a cooked chook to take with us and I crank the seat back to a near prone position. Thank goodness I did not have to be driven all the way back to Airlie tonight. With the aid of painkillers I get about three hours sleep before needing the next dose and so I spent the night. By midday I was comfortable enough to drive home and prepare to return to work tomorrow. I am afraid I have become constipated and the pain is increasing back to where it was after waking from surgery yesterday.

Hmmm! Now where did I put those laxatives?

Sommeil Nocturne nocturne serré


No mistaking where we are.

No mistaking where we are.


Alecia and Winnie.

Alecia and Winnie.


A gentle view of the creek.

A gentle view of the creek.


Memorial Plaque in table top.

Memorial Plaque in table top.

I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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