094. The week ending Sunday 26th July 2009. Ob La Dee Ob La Dah, Life Goes On…

Not sure why I wrote the lines of the Beatles song. It came into my head as I started to type the heading. So I have gone with that and somehow it seems appropriate. Well, at least I feel it is appropriate.

Friday night arrived without a suitcase – groan, another Beatles song popped into my head. Actually Friday night Donnis son Peter arrived with his friend Pete. (Short for Peta) They insist they are “friends” and nothing more serious than that. Pete is a uni student studying to be a teacher. She lives in Sydney, is very well travelled overseas, knows what she wants, is intelligent, enthusiastic and self assurred. We had dinner and they stayed the night. Next morning they left early for a trip to Whitehaven Beach and we left a key so they have somewhere to stay.

This has been recovery week…life goes on… and yes as I write this I am feeling better but a long way from 100%.  No longer on “discomfort killers” which has to be a good thing although discomfort lingers it is easier each day to deal with.

Saturday we took the MH to Mackay and parked in the yard of friends Pam n Gerry. Earlier Pam had asked me to pick up a cheesecake from the Cheesecake Shop. It had been decorated as a wedding anniversary cake for my daughter Averyl and her hubby Paul (P&G son). It so happens Averyl arranged a surprise 40th birthday bash for Paul at Kevins Place a Chinese restaurant in Mackay. Pam, in turn arranged for the surprise cake at the surprise party.

Back to picking it up from the shop. As we were leaving Donnis asked me to stop at an Apothocary so she could pick up some discount fish oil tablets. As I pulled into a parking space there was a terrible grinding and crashing sound. Woops. I had failed to notice some store owner had hung a banner from the shop awning and I had collected it with the front of the MH. A gouge was taken out of the gelcoat down to the fibreglass! I was spitting chips. I checked the rest of the street. All awnings were higher than the MH and none had banners hung. In fact I believe you cannot have overhanging banners these days without a council permit. I now have to get the gel coat done again and to match the existing colour.


P&G and their next door neighbours and Donnis and I shared a maxi taxi from Slade Point to Mackay. That is almost $40 of travel. Both ways!

Averyl had arranged for us all to have Kevins famous $40 banquet. A bit like Simons Banquet on the other side of town. I suspect Kevin may have been a trainee with Simon. Both have excellent service and food. Both end the banquet with a fabulous whole Coral Trout and if you have not had enough to eat before it arrives you will be full after it arrives. If you are ever in Mackay try Kevins Place on the corner of Wood and Victoria Street in the old bank building. OR Simons Kitchen at Mt Pleasant at the small shopping complex in the car park. Kevin is licensed so expect to pay twice the price for drinks you would pay in a bottle shop. Simon is BYO – he supplies eskies with ice. You need to book well in adavance. Simons in the carpark is really a dining experience. Both have an absolutely morish salt n pepper calamari on a bed of shredded lettuce and chilli slivers.

Paul got a bit of a shock but recovered well and even smiled a bit.

Smilin' Paul Rochford. 40

Smilin' Paul Rochford. 40

He claims he had no idea the party was arranged although he did see us at P&G house in the afternoon and told Averyl

Averyl Rochford. Claims this will be the last party she ever arranges.

Averyl Rochford. Claims this will be the last party she ever arranges.

we were in town. She responded by feigning annoyance we had not told her we would be in town. It seems to have worked. In fact worked so well Paul only wore a pair of leather sandals instead of a good pair of shoes.

It was a good night. There were around 40 people for a 40th birthday. Appropriate.

Sn Anakin, father Paul, daughter Shelby.

Son Anakin, father Paul, daughter Shelby.

 There was a huge profiterole cake for Paul, a smaller cake for Averyl & Paul anniversary, lots of good food, good wine and I was seated next to my sister Sandra and had a wonderful opportunity to catch up. Her and John have to wake at 5.30 in the morning to catch a flight to Brisbane then Sydney then Canberra where a mini bus has been hired and three other couples will join them to spend a week at the snowfileds.

Pam n Gerry sold their house, a bit unexpectedly, and have to move out on 5th August. They are having a three week garage sale and whatever is left will go into a container and stored on a property south of Mackay. They have their MH and will travel looking for  another MH a bit more upmarket and perhaps a small acreage near Bundaberg but for the moment they will just travel.

We travelled home, arriving near 2pm with the intention of lunch then wash the MH. Gadzooks! The plans of mice n men… I fell asleep and did not feel like washing the MH in the late afternoon so it gets put off another week.

I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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