095. Sunday 2nd August 2009. A slow week…

Not a great deal to report on this week. What can I say? The weather is typical North Queensland Winter. Fine Sunny days with cool nights and mornings. Days are wonderful. The winds picked up last week and we have had days of 30 knot winds which has made for cooler mornings and for those on  the water a bit of a bumpy ride. The really great Spring weather is approaching and days will be just glorious and the nights balmy. Some nights we only need a sheet to go to bed but later  we need to pull up a blanket.

Still recovering but somehow I think I need to see a dietician. Unfortunately there are none in Airlie and none visit from other centres. I still feel I may have an allergy to wheat and it causes the big belly and fungal infections. Sisters Sue n Sandra also have an intolerance to wheat. Sue in particular gets her fibre at breakfast by eating veggies, particularly Brussel Sprouts. I enjoy my BS but not sure if I can eat them for brekky. I still enjoy my rye toast with something on it. I also have high fibre cereal with a handful of sultanas, some prunes, walnuts and a couple of spoonfuls of unprocessed bran along with some fresh fruit and a bit of  milk. Can veggies give the same fibre boost?

Sugarloafer John Silver offered to patch up the gouges in the fibreglass on the luton peak on the MH. We took the MH to his place on the Conway Beach road. We went all the way to Conway had a walk on the beach and lunch inside the MH with a glass of beer and… what a delightful way to have lunch on a windy day at Conway. So nice inside the Winnie with comfortable chairs and a table. Then it was off to the Silvers. John had his ladder out, air compressor tools ready. Sanded the gouges, blew them clean with compressed air, mixed a small batch of bog, allowed it to dry after scraping it into the gouges, sanded then a couple of coats of enamel and job is done. At this stage it is important to keep the water out of the fibreglass. Tidying up the repair can come later.

John is restoring a MH he bought 9 years ago. He pulled the home off the truck chassis, restored the truck and is now in the process of restoring the home part. What he expected may have been a year or two of labour has dragged on for 9 years. Admittedly he also restored a power cruiser and a Suzuki 4WD in that same time. He is not far off completion of the house and then he has to jack it up and drive the truck in undeneath and attach the two parts to each other. Good luck John. I do not think you will be ready by the end of the year but I sure hope you are.

Donnis managed to find a ham bone, with ham at our local IGA store.  Throw it in a pot with lots of water, a sliced onion, celery and boil all afternoon until the ham falls off the bone. Cool, scoop off the fat, drain and return the stock to the pot with fresh sliced onion, a couple of sliced carrots, a pack of green split peas and some sprigs of parsley. Add salt and pepper to season and simmer for an hour. Wow! Fabulous home made Pean n Ham soup. This was a childhood favourite and I still love it.

Hmmm! Lets see. What else did I have as a childhood favourite?

Fruit cake. (John Silvers wife gave us a fresh fruit cake)   Butterscotch Pudding.   Bread n Butter Pudding.   Real Weiner Scnitzel.   Salmon Rissoles (somewhere along the line it became fashionable to call them salmon patties but I still call em rissoles) Chocolate cake with thick plum jam n whipped cream in the middle and runny chocolate icing on top and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  Beef n veggie soup with lots of pearl barley, Smoked Haddock boiled in milk, Sliced peaches custard and thick whipped cream, home made meat pies, (we made steak n kidney pies on Thursday night) and you get the picture. Try remembering childhood favourite foods.

thats tous pour maintenant

I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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