096. Sunday 9th August 2009. Birds, beasts, beach, dry earth and construction…

Birds. With the surrounding bushland being so dry and no rain since April this year the creeks have dried and the grass is turning a crackling brown and in places turning to dust. The animals are venturing out looking for a drink.

Of course the usual birds visit as always particularly the two families of big and small doves. In the front yard a family of 4 honeyeaters chirp their way around the fountain. We have to top up the water every few days but these birds call in every day. One sits on the edge of a pot and dips a beak into the damp soil while the other 3 family members keep watch. The next bird takes a turn while the others keep watch. They all take turns. When the fountain is turned on they walk into the bubbling centre piece and drink. Strangely, another family of darker honeyeaters lives out the back of the house and is never seen at the fountain.

Ants are beginning to find their way inside the house, looking for water while outside the green ants are taking up residence at the end of the hose. Although it is dry the weather is just typical for this time of year. Today we went to the hardware store and noticed black clouds aproaching. By the time we arrived home the road was running with water but within a couple of hours the ground was dry again.

On the road between Proserpine and Airlie Beach a local farmer has created a little bit of corrugated iron art. You can only see the art while driving to Prossy. You cannot see it driving from Prossy.

With all the work going on around Airlie, with the new Marina has created some new traffic problems. It also means a new sandy beach has been created but it will not be opened until all the construction works are completed. Bummer. It looks good too.

I thought it was about time I showed a little of Airlie so have attached a few photos.

Iron Ape.

Iron Ape.

Beasts of the Savannah.

Beasts of the Savannah.

New beach formed by Marina construction.jpg

Marina Construction.

Marina Construction.

Construction viewed from Mt. Whitsunday.

Construction viewed from Mt. Whitsunday.

3 Responses to “096. Sunday 9th August 2009. Birds, beasts, beach, dry earth and construction…”

  1. Claude Brown Says:

    F & D,
    Great to see enw pics of Airlie Beach. More would be better. They do bring back some very fond memories for me. Airlie is the first of many stops we made. But the only one that has produced a lasting friendship.


    • frankeeg Says:

      Hi Claude, glad to see you are still reading our travels. New pictures this week. Maybe, now that you have suggested it, I could do a special post with photos of Airlie. Mate, I am thinking, seriously. Hmmm! BTW Happy Christmas to you.


  2. 345. Sunday 1st December 2013. Rain, sunshine, visitors, doctor as life goes on… | Frank & Donnis Travel Blog "the more we see the more there is to see" Says:

    […] wrote about the construction of the Port of Airlie in this blog entry in  2009   https://frankeeg.wordpress.com/096-sunday-9th-august-2009-birds-beasts-beach-dry-earth-and-constructi…   Now the Boat House Resort and Marina are mostly complete but there is still work to be done on […]


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