101. Sunday 13th September 2009. Upsets in the Rugby League and the painting goes on…

Friday night the big Rugby League game between the Brisbane Broncos and the Gold Coast Titans played on the Gold Coast. The game was being billed as the “local derby” or big brother playing little brother. The Broncos had won their last 5 while the Titans have had consistent form all season and not lost to the Broncos on their home ground. This was the Titans home ground.

They lost to the Broncos.

Way down south the St.George Dragons, minor premiers, on their home ground, played against the Parramatta Eels.

 They lost to the Eels.

Hmmm. Some interesting teams being shuffled out of the finals and some are still in there with a bit of luck and perhaps a more determined attitude.

The painting goes on. The second coat on the external walls was completed this afternoon. Yahooooo! Now the trimming and ceiling painting before we tackle the real fiddly bits of the railings and other timber decorative pieces which sets it all off and presents the property as it should be.

Sigh! I will be glad when it is all finished.

Next weekend there will be no painting! It is the monthly camp out with the Mackay Sugarloafers. We will be camped on the banks of the Pioneer River at a place called Pinevale. It is rather a pretty spot and if the current weather conditions prevail I think I may even go for a swim. Regrettably Donnis has to work so I will be travelling alone. I could stay home and do some more painting but I have been looking forward to this camp for a month and Donnis feels I should go. In fact I already plan to leave early on Saturday morning when Donnis leaves for work. It is about a 2.5 hour drive so I want to make sure WHEREWILLWEGO is fuelled, provisioned and topped up with water by Friday night. If I can get away from here before 7am I will be able to have coffee on arrival and get to taste test the baking some of the ladies bring with them.

 Donnis received a phone call from her sister Joan in Canada this afternoon. It seems their mother is in hospital. The story from Joan is a little garbled. It seems on one hand, Mum has a hairline fracture of the hip. On the other hand she has been vomitting, diahhorea, and is dehydrated. I am unsure which of those put her in hospital but perhaps tomorrow or during the week we will get clearer information. Worst case scenario is Donnis will have to take off to Vancouver Island for a month or so. I sure hope her Mum’s stay in hospital is brief and she is back in action in no time.

BTW. Last week when I was researching old photos I came across a photo when we had a day trip on the sailing vessel “GRETEL”. The photo was taken somewhere around 1987 or 1988. The vessel was a contender in the Americas Cup and was the first Australian boat to take a win against the Americans. To my left is the owner and skipper Trevor Cook. He was unknown to me at the time but once I moved to Airlie Beach, I came to know Trevor, mainly on a business level. I am also impressed that at the time the photo was taken my current trademark belly was not in evidence.

 Where did it come from?

 No it is not a beer gut. I guess the years of playing squash did help to keep me in reasonable shape but it sure played havoc with the ankle joints, knee joints, hip joints and lower back. I am now paying for all those years of squash. Sure glad I did not pursue rugby league beyond schoolboy league.

At the helm of GRETEL.

At the helm of GRETEL.

I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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