104. Sunday 4th October 2009. Still trying to get on with the painting…

Night time visitor to neighbours.

Night time visitor to neighbours.

What a way to start a page and why would I bother??? Right!

Now that I have your attention, lets wind the clock back to an unrelated item but worthy of a start to this page.

Wednesday morning was much like any other morning at the office. Around 9.15 am my phone rings and after I identify myself, a voice composed of a flat laconic outback drawl, asks, “is this the right fella to borrow a million bucks from”? Well right away I knew it was a personal call as I have not been in finance for many years. The laconic Aussie drawl told me instantly it was my cousin Bobby Jackson whom I have not spoken with for at least 2 years and not seen for 20 or so years. My last memory of Bobby (he now prefers to be called Bob or even Robert but geez old habits are hard to break. He is still Bobby to me) was at Mum’s funeral, he was tall ,thin and a typical country lad with the gift of the gab. Still tall although a little stooped, no longer thin but his voice and eyes were a dead giveaway. He and wife Diane are in Mackay awaiting the birth of grandchild number 6. As Mackay is only a hop, step and two hours down the road I suggested they drive up on Friday, have dinner and stay the night. Which they did. About 10pm on Friday night I felt tired and ready for bed. Looking at Bobby he looked tired also. We said our goodnights and headed off to our rooms. Donnis & Diane noticed there was still wine in the bottles and did not want it to go stale so stayed up chatting and between them they finished off the three bottles. Now Bobby does not drink wine and I only drank one glass. Nuff said!

A nice brekkie, a drive around Airlie, a visit to the markets, a nice lunch and they were on their way back to Mackay to join son Grant (his wife is in Mackay Base Hospital awaiting inducement on Monday, they normally live in Moranbah, a mining town west of Mackay) and enjoy the festivities at the River to Reef Festival including fireworks over the Pioneer River.

Now back to the beginning. Donnis was at work on Wednesday and not due home until around 11pm. I wanted to tell her I had arranged for Bobby & Diane to stay with us. By the time she came home, had a bath, supper and came to bed it was 12.30am. In my tiredness I mumbled my plans. She then told me about this monster snake crossing the road as she was driving home. I went back to sleep and early morning I had a weird dream about a snakes! Turns out the snake was just down the road from our house, not far from the neighbour who took the photo. It is probably the same snake who I encountered one morning on my walk. A ginger cat was acting strangely and as I stopped to look saw this huge snake moving slowly towards a creek at the rear of our house. I would hazard a guess and say it is probably the same snake moving about its territory on either side of the creek. Nice to know we still have wildlife but hey! I sure do not want to meet up with it one night.

Here is another episode in the weird co-incidences department. I was talking with a marine salvage company owner on the phone. He is a client of our office. He mentioned he got his start diving many years ago. I asked him Scuba or Hard Hat. He replied it was mainly Scuba but he did some training in hard hat. I mentioned my Uncle Mick Gray  (Bill) and his son Rip (Ripley) who were hard hat divers based in Botany Bay. Of course he said, I remember old Bill well, he was real bastard and a tyrant but a darn good diver. He taught me a lot. Of course Bill died sometime in the last 20 years and Rip sold the business some time ago.

Click on this link to see some photos of my uncle Mick (Bill) Grey. http://www.graydiving.com.au/graysabout.html

I am not sure why he was called Mick, although I did have another uncle Bill so maybe there was a name change so there was no confusion???

Geez, sometimes its a small world.

Oh! I hear you say. What about the painting? Didja get the painting finished?


We got started Sunday morning. The outside celings are almost done. Donnis commented a few times during the day how the extension pole flexed and she was pleased. I commented that she was putting too much pressure on the roller and that is probably the reason she has so much splatter on her face neck and hair. Sometime after 5pm she is still painting, I had finished cleaning all the rest of the gear when I heard a loud SNAP followed an equally loud THUMP then bump bump bump. She put too much pressure on the roller trying to squeeze out more paint and the plastic roller handle snapped and the roller bumped its way across the timber deck. End of painting for today. Sigh!

This should be a piece of cake to finish next week and then we can start the tricky trim. On the home stretch. Yay!

So I watched the end of the NRL Grand Final between Parramatta Eels and Melbourne Storm. Storm was leading, Parra was on the catchup, only 6 points the difference, with enough time for Parra to level the scores and for the game to go into Golden Time. Greg Inglis from Storm kicked a 1 point field goal which had the effect of breaking the spirit of Parra and game over at 23 -16 and Storm win the trophy.

I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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