105. Sunday 11th October 2009. Promises, promises, promises, Yeehah! and Bummer…

Sorry folks. No photographs this week.


So whats with the promises heading frankeeg?

Since we bought the “WHEREWILLWEGO” its parking bay was filled with road base to make a level site. Yeehah! If it rains the road base will turn to icky sticky sloppy boggy mud. Not real good if I am trying to drive out, or even worse, trying to reverse in. Bummer.

The well known Airlie Beach earthworks contractor who laid the road base promised to call around to talk about a number of options to seal the road base, keep the site level and free of mud. Yeehah!

That was three weeks ago. have not seen or heard from him since. Guess he must be busy! Bummer.

I asked a well known Airlie Beach Shade Sail maker to call around and give me a quote to install shade sails over “WHERWILL WEGO” to keep the UV rays off the duco and GRP topcoat. He came around, tool measurements. Promised to quote. Yeehah!

 Have not heard from him since. Bummer.

My financial adviser employed by National Australia Bank / MLC (choose one) promised to call me with a time and place to discuss my super. Yeehah! Like everybody else I have lost big time over the last couple of years. Bummer. Although my loss is small pickin’s, $21,000, compared to some losses, it was my money which in all likelihood I will never see again unless I “hang in there for the long haul” according to the financial advisers. Yeah! Like I have a lot of time to wait for the markets to pick up. Yeah the promised call has not materialised after three weeks.

The two gurus at my computer fix it place promised to a) look at my laptop with a view to b)fixing the no internet service.

Here’s the drama.

My laptop tells me I have an excellent wireless service connected. Yes it will do automatic AVG updates but I cannot access the internet or email. Bummer.

I took the laptop to the gurus who pronounced it OK as on their wireless it works. No problems with firewalls or whatever blocking the signal.

I took it home and tested at the top of the driveway. Yeehah! Connected. Came inside. Disconnected!!!. OK! Plug in the Nokia mobile. Instant service and connection to the internet. Disconnect the Nokia, back to wireless and slowly Firefox comes on line but nothing else. So the big fella guru claims there must be another hidden wireless interferring with my signal.

I ask him to come around to our home and bring his testing stuff and also change the frequency on the wireless router. As promised he came. Changed frequency. Could not find another wireless network interferring, pronounced it a mystery and without solving my problem he left. Now, not only do I not get internet but the automatic update is not functioning either. No answer at their shop and no response to my messages. I have no idea if he has given up or is looking for parts or answers. Just another promise I guess.

I am waiting on a quote from a place which makes motorhome covers. If the sailmaker ever gets back to me I think the price will be too high. So far the motorhome cover maker has not promised anything.


On the painting front the walls are completed. Donnis finished the ceilings. Yeehah! I started on the trim and got two coats on the difficult gable trim. We were able to put the windout awnings back up and that keeps the afternoon sun off the front bedroom and office walls and windows.

More Yeehah!

I got two coats on the verandah trim which allowed us to put the shade blinds back up on the verandah. There are five of them and they all required re-setting the springs. They are now ready to keep the hot morning sun off our back verandah. With summer coming we need all the shade we can get.

Another Yeehah!

Next weekend I PROMISE there will be photos. We are going to Boulder Creek…again. Not to worry. We like Boulder Creek and we can just laze around and eat and drink and chin wag and catch up with friends. Yeehah!

Only have 2 days. Gotta go back to work on Monday. Bummer.

Did you see Hey Hey Its Saturday on Wednesday? Jackie MacDonald made an appearance. She looks the same. Her hair was the same. Yeehah! Uncanny as it has been about 20 years since she has been on TV. Bummer.

Harry Connick Jnr was on. Yeehah!

He did a dummy spit on Red faces and now the world is divided on opinion that Oz is a racist country or not. Bummer.

Enjoyed the show. Yeehah!

It may never be on TV again. Bummer.

We managed to give “WHEREWILL WEGO” a top to bottom bath. Amazing how much dust there was covering every conceivable surface. Obviously the roof was the worst.

Donnis bought a new eggshell mattress which I trimmed to size to fit the “WWWGO” (do you like the abbreviation? Kinda cute isn’t it?) So this weekend we will give it a test run along with the new sheets and pillow cases.

Boulder Creek will be a good test to see if our new TV will pull in a clear fringe area digital picture. Otherwise it has so far produced a nice clear and sharp picture at home and at Pinevale.



I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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