001.1st August 2001. In the beginning…

It was around here our adventure to begin motorhoming begins. We drove from Airlie Beach to Kununurra in West Oz to visit Donnis eldest son Errol, who is an airline pilot. The trip took 4 days. Day one after 15 hours we arrive Mt.Isa


Sunset behind Mt.Isa smoke stack.

and being completely knackered I was unable to sleep. How about that for twisted?  About thirty Klms out of Mt.Isa you come through a cutting and over a rise and in the distance you can see a large chimney stack. That image stays with you from there and even all over town. We stayed at a motel where the chimney was the prominent view.

Just over the N.T / Qld Border, is a handy little picnic spot with a pit toilet and a couple of shelters. Across the street is the Police Station at a place called Avon Downs.


Picnic. Avon Downs Police Station

Boy it was a welcome site in the heat.

Next day another 8 hours driving found us in Tennant Creek NT then another 8 hours the next day we arrived in Katherine.

A little way South of Katherine is Mataranka Springs


Mataranka Thermal Pool

and we took time out to visit and enjoy warm waters. Yep. Loved the place.

A couple of hundred Klms North of Tennant Creek is a little roadhouse with a few motel units and a grassed shaded picnic area out front. Renner Springs


Renner Springs

calls itself an oasis and they were working on creating a lake in the middle of what might otherwise be called desert.

Finally another 8 hours and we arrive in Kununurra and were lucky to find a vacant cabin in the Big 4 Caravan Park but only for one night as the place was booked out for the next week.


Big4 Caravan Park at Kununurra

While relaxing we noticed the number of roof rack campers, camper trailers, tents, caravans and motorhomes arriving and setting up for the night. This was a lifestyle we wanted to embrace. Next night we moved to another cabin in another caravan park on the lagoon. Same situation with campers coming and campers going.


Pink Lilly Lagoon at Kununurra

Once we arrived back home we started our research firstly looking at tents. Nahh. Scratch that. Too much work setting up and taking down especially after camping one night.

Next roof rack tents. Similar to tents although less time setting up but we needed a bigger vehicle and we did not want to spend money changing cars.

Aah! We now move on to camper trailers. A bit quicker to set up and lots more options and comfort but they came at a price. A reasonable camper trailer was around $20,000 but neither of our cars could tow the dang thing. We need to move into a bigger car. Hmmm. $20,000 for the trailer, $40,000 plus for a changover to a suitable car plus a few extras such as batteries and refrigerator and hey… the cost is moving towards $70,000 and we still have to drag to trailer everywhere and set up every night.

OK. What about a caravan? Nice. Pretty much self contained and we could pick up a reasonable one for around $40,000 minimum. Then we need a suitable tow car, another $40,000 and we still need to hook up to power every night but less setting up. What to do?

We discovered motorhomes. For lots of reasons they appealed to us. But again we seemed to be facing  prices $90,000 and up unless we wanted a real cheapie and we lost a bit of enthusiasm but still hung on to the idea but pursued other interests.

I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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