003.1st January 2005. We found it and the negotiations begin…

For the last half of 2004 our minds had flip flopped between different motorhomes but for some reason we kept coming back to Coasters. We viewed a few on line and visited a few for sale locally. Nothing grabbed us. Until some friends sent us an email with photos of a professionally fitted out Coaster. I got in touch with the owners and asked for more photos. Then while Donnis was holidaying in Canada for Christmas I arranged to fly to Brisbane and drive to Caloundra on New Years Day 2005. I liked what I saw and a test drive revealed a few minor mechanical problems but overall I enjoyed driving the Coaster.

Exterior - Passenger Side

I flew back home the same day. Strangely enough the mad flight and hire car and the driving and return flight the same day ended up feeling like a holiday. Ridgee Didge.  The photos were downloaded and sent by email in controlled groups to Donnis in Canada.  The open and bright interior

Interior - Front to back.

was attractive to me

Interior Back to front

and obviously appealed to Donnis as her comment was BUY!

So, for the next two months there were lots of phone calls between the owners and ourselves arranging things like paying a deposit, inspection by a truck place, repairs, rego transfer, insurance, progress payments and a final settlement date before it became ours.

I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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