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107. Sunday 25th October 2009. We thought the rains were coming…


…but Nooo!

Earlier this week the days were becoming a little more humid. Visitors to the area claim it is very humid. I think not. With humidity hovering around 75% it is not noticeable to us locals but visitors feel it. It is not until the humidity wanders past 90% that locals feel it too. Rest a bare arm on a piece of paper and within moments the paper is stuck to your arm, particularly those glossy brochure type pieces of paper. When the real humidity arrives a hot shower is wonderful but you cannot get dry, the sky becomes moist again within moments.

A few nights this week it has rained, or should I say showered. Sometimes a good heavy shower but not lasting more than half an hour. During the day this week I have noticed a build up of dark grey cloud most days. This is usually a signal of the approach of the wet season. Today is a startlingly clear sky. Only a few puffy white clouds here and there. This is the weather most people travel here to experience. They take boat trips out to the reef and most only semi listen to advice about covering up with a hat and shirt and suntan cream or blockout. Most tourists arrive back on the mainland with sunburn. Some with really bad painful sunburn. This is not the sunlight most tourists, Australian and Overseas are used to. Once upon a time we had television commercials to Slip, Slop and Slap. Slip on a shirt, Slap on some sunscreen and Slap on a hat ( add some sunglasses too) so you can enjoy the evening and the next days without the pain of sunburn. Also lessens the chance of Melanoma.

Today at 2pm the temperature in the kitchen was 27 degrees C and i do not care to speculate how hot it is outside except to say I spent some time working outdoors today and it is hot!

On Thursday this week I installed Skype on our PC.


I have unlimited download but a slower speed. I guess it is all a sacrifice. If I increased the speed and decreased the download it would cost an extra $20 per month. The sound is OK it just means I cannot have a meaningful video camera so we have elected to use Skype without video.

Spoke for ages with Geoff C in Nowra NSW on Thursday night within minutes of setting up the Skype microphone. He reprted the audio was ok but had breaks. I suspect we may have been trying to talk over each other.

On Friday night I spoke with Greg T from Bribie Island Qld and he reported the audio clear and without interruption. Greg asked how the MH was going and was surprised that we now have a Winnie. I directed him to this blog site so he can catch up with the news of the last 7 months.

Today I spoke with Laurie H in Paynesville, Vic. She has video and although not perfect the picture was clear enough and audio was very good. She has had her  B&B on the market for many months and it seems the buyer has finance. If all goes to plan she will need to be out of there by December and will then go on the road full time after finding a suitable Sunliner and trade in the old one.

Also spoke with Linda and Doug H who are staying in a hotel in Mexico on the way to their condo at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (I think that is how it is spelled). They drove from Vancouver. Audio was clear. They have a laptop and although equipped with a camera I do not think her settings are turned on. I could hear but not see.

Pam and Gerry were here yesterday in their Winnebago Explorer. Gerry likes the masses of power, compliments of the solar panels, and huge huge huge inverter/charger. They use it to run a microwave, or electric frypan, toaster and kettle. If battery levels get a little low he pushes a button inside and a massive 5 Kva generator starts up and runs his toys and charges the batteries. When toys/appliances are turned off and batteries are at max he flicks a switch and the gennie turns off!

They leave on Tuesday morning to head South to who knows where or when. Happy travels P&G.

Thought I would throw in another photo of the works going on in Airlie Beach. This time with my trusty steed.

Yamaha Virago takes in the views above airlie Beach.

Yamaha Virago takes in the views above Airlie Beach.

Hasta luego caimán