109. Sunday 9th November 2009. What happened this week…?

…well, let me see.

I went to work.

Donnis went to work.

It rained.

OK there was a bit more to the week but somehow it is not getting from my mind down to those two fingers I use to manipulate the keyboard.

Eli, a workmate, rides a Yamaha cafe racer to work.  We have suggested we go for a ride just for the fun of it. So this week we agreed to ride into Proserpine Saturday morning, stop for a coffee and a sausage roll at a bakery in the main street then ride on out to the Peter Faust Dam. Great so far. Eli then mentioned he is bringing a friend who is a photographer. Getting greater. Perhaps I can learn something new about photography and the dam is an ideal place to find something to photograph. Eli and I agreed if it is raining we will not go.

So Saturday morning arrived and it was raining. Real rain.

That was the end of that. It rained on and off all Saturday so could not paint. Donnis and I climbed on the roof during a lull in the rain and emptied the gutters of leaves and gum nuts. We also raked up leaves in the front yard and put them on the gardens as a mulch. We also put up a couple of sheets of roofing iron as a fence with our neighbour. They have an overgrown out of control garden and one of the problems is a cactus with big spikes which is growing in many places into our yard. When I back the MH into its parking spot those cacti try to spear me in the face when I open the window. I am always cutting them back but they grow quickly. The fence will hopefully keep the worst of their plants on their side of the dividing line.

I did my on-line banking on Friday night when I was tired. Somehow I transferred all my balance into another bank account which I cannot access to obtain cash. So instead of having a cash balance to call upon if needed I now only have less than $100. Oh well. Its more than enough to get through a week. I just like to have a reserve.

Donnis worked a night shift at the nursing home last night, came home had breakfast and was asleep in moments.

So I raked up more leaves. Tidied up and strengthened the fence. I want a load of gravel to place under the MH. When it rains the roadbase turns to quicksand. I figure a load of gravel and a slush of concrete over the top will hold it together so I can walk and drive on it even when it is raining.

I managed to finish one tin of Egyptian Red paint today. That is the colour we are painting on the trim. I also managed one coat one a facia running underneath the verandah. Yeehah we are getting into the home straight of the painting.

I did a service on the whipper snipper but it will still not start. Errol borrowed it when he came to Mackay last week. It started and he was whippering around when it stopped and would not start. I checked the usual suspect parts and found a worn fuel line and although I fixed it the WS will still not start. Probably an electrics problem as it just stopped suddenly. Cleaned the filter. Pulled the spark plug and it looks good considering the WS is about 5 years old and never even looked at the plug before. It always starts if you follow the start directions. Next time I have some free time and an inclination I will pull the covers off and have a look at what else could have gone wrong.

Shelley is due to have the new baby, Matt, on 11th November. We will travel to Townsville next weekend if she does. If the baby is late, as seems likely as the other three were late, then I will go to Townsville the following weekend. Donnis has already booked a flight to Melbourne on 20th November for a party at Errols wifes mothers house. (Errol is married to Nicole and her mum is Merilynn and she lives in Melbourne). She is having some sort of family party and Donnis just loves family parties so she is going. I will stay home and paint or drive to Townsville to see Shelley and Matt and Reece and Georgia and Jack and Dwyanne. It seems I made a promise to take the kids in the MH and have a picnic. Crystal Creek is the planned venue. Geez I’m gunna be in trouble if Donnis is in Melbourne and I go to Townsville.

I will not have a helper.

sálvenos de la rabia del camino.



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