110. Sunday 16th November 2009.Rain n Cool, Sun n Hot…

barking owl

Barking Owl

What a strange week, weatherwise, this has been.
Early this week we had some good falls of rain and the grass made lots of noise as it grew and changed colour from brown to green.
The rain stopped and the sun came out – with a vengeance.
The ground still appears dry n dusty. The falling leaves has slowed to a trickle, either because there are no leaves left or because the roots received some water and put a halt to the shedding leaves process.
Daughter Shelley was due to give birth to her 4th child on 11/11. I called her that night hoping there would be no answer cause they were all at the hospital to see the new arrival. Shelley answered. She is not comfortable and not happy. The head honcho doctor at Townsville hospital will not agree to an inducement until 7am Monday 16th.
In the meantime Shelley lives an uncomfortable existance waiting on a baby who has full control of her.
I called again on Friday evening. No changes. So I will go to Townsville next weekend.
Thursday there was some excitement at the office when an owl was sighted sitting on a plam tree frond outside the office. Although it was gone Friday it had returned by the evening and I was able to get a couple of flash photos. Identifying the owl proved more difficult than expected. Closest I can figure is it is a Barking Owl

although there is an outside chance it is a Southern BooBook. Given its location in a treed area near a creek and the plumage on the chest looking a bit “untidy” and of course its size being a bit around the 30 cm mark I believe it is a Barking Owl.
I used the weekend to finish putting up a roofing steel fence along one side of the motorhome. That is the side we can walk along and with the untidy and overgrown neighbours garden I am constantly being snagged on sharp branches or cacti spines.
We also continued painting the verandah trim and what a chore that is turning out to be.
Eli O, workmate, called Saturday night. He spent a couple of hours pushing his high performance motorcycle from Strathdickie to his home. In the heat! The bike just spluttered and stopped. We reasoned that there are three main possible reasons.1. water in the fuel. 2. He was on reserve tank, perhaps it ran dry and did not switch to regular tank and needs priming. 3. Beacuse it is high performance and set up for the racetrack perhaps his sedate usage has caused it to run too rich and there is a build up of carbon on the plugs. He also flattened the battery in trying to start the bike. I know what Eli will be doing on Sunday!
Donnis son Peter arrived Saturday afternoon with his new lady, Pamela, a German women living in Oz for the past 5 years. I had to ask where she was from as she has little or no accent and very good English. Donnis has more accent than Pamela. Sunday they have gone on a three island cruise on one of Fantasea Cruises boats.



I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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