112. Sunday 29th November 2009. A quiet week…

Hmmm. Nothing really new to tell you this week except…

We are still painting. It is now down to the fiddliest of the fiddly bits of the verandah trim. It is something that you cannot just take a broad brush or a roller and go. Being sure not to paint outside the line is time consuming and requires a steady hand, patience strong back for being in a crouched or stretched position for so long. I really hope to be able to report on the next entry that it is all finished.

As you probably know if you have read this blog long enough, I sit on the verandah each morning to eat breakfast. The sun is just rising the birds are all twittering. Love it.

Saturday the March Flies arrived. Now these nuisance creatures are known by a number of names including horse fly. A little entomological information follows.

Biting flies are distributed throughout the world and, apart from nuisance biting, some are responsible for the transmission of diseases in humans and livestock in many countries. Although Australian biting flies (other than the mosquitoes) do not transmit diseases to humans they are renowned for painful bites and annoying habits during the summer months in general.

Within Australia, the biting flies of greatest significance are the horse flies or March flies (Family Tabanidae), the stable flies (Family Muscidae) and the black flies (Family Simuliidae), as well as the biting midges or sand flies (Family Ceratopogonidae) and the mosquitoes (Family Culicidae), Compared with some other countries, black flies are usually not a concern in Australia although occasional problems occur following floods in northwestern NSW and Queensland.

Here is the offender.


March Fly – not full size.


It does make a loud buzzing noise as it flies around you. Often there are several. Sometimes if they land on you and you hit them they fall off, stunned, to the ground so make sure you finish them off. These nasties are solidly built. They are blood suckers. Their probiscis can penetrate socks and other clothing and once bitten you know about it.

So if I sit outside for breakfast, their little blood radar can find me within 2 minutes and I am forced back inside. They will cling and fly with me as I walk so unless I do the arm flapping walk – difficult when you are carrying a cereal bowl with breakfast – they come inside with me. My idylic breakfast will be interrupted for a few weeks until they die out or go somewhere else.

sanguijuelas repugnantes, por favor márchese



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