113 Sunday 6th December 2009. Beautiful weather one day, perfect the next…

I know our readers are asking the question. Is the painting finished?

Yes. Except for the stairs. We have to mix the colour ourselves but all going well we can probably fihish the stairs in a day. Including two coats. Oh, of course the downpipes only have a rough first coat but they can be finished when  we do the stairs.

Not quite a cause for celebration but I feel at least one job will no longer dominate my weekemds. Of course now summer is here the grass will grow and I will have to cut it every weekend.

Donnis and I went to the shopping centre on Saturday morning. On our way home we reached THAT point in the road where thousands have driven and gasped with the picture perfect scene of emerald blue water, sky blue sky, a couple of fluffy white clouds and sailboats on the water. It is that point in the road where so many people say the same thing. “Look at that view, isn’t it perfect?” Many people become so captivated they never leave. We see this view every day on our way home from work or wherever we have been. Even hardened viewers like ourselves are still heard to say, from time to time, “Look at that view etc etc etc.” Or even something like, “Isn’t the weather just so delightful?”

So it was on this Saturday morning I was overwhelmed enough to say “Isn’t the weather so delightful?” as I gazed out across the picture perfect Coral Sea while in charge of a motor vehicle. Donnis was quick with here reply, “Every day is just perfect here.”

Later Donnis daughter Alecia called on Skype. She currently lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada. It is cold and wet. Sometimes it is wet and cold. Sometimes it is snowing and much colder. Today it was just cold. I mentioned our great weather and she commented “It is always perfect in Airlie Beach.” Although it is hot the temperatures rarely rise above 30 degrees although days can reach 35degrees it is more a rare day when that happens.

A luxury cruise ship was anchoring off Airlie Beach. What a sight they are. Like a small city sitting on the ocean in plain view of the town. What a great photograph but alas I was painting and single minded in purpose and never took time away from the painting for a photo.

The Airlie Beach carols By Candlelight was held on the Airlie Beach foreshore tonight. Donnis has been wanting to go all week. Although I was feeling a little below par I agreed that we would have an early dinner and attend. Let me digress here for a moment. For lunch we had a small tray of cooked and shelled prawns. For dinner I made a Thai Red Curry Banana Prawns dish. I had not been feeling 100% for most of the afternoon and I felt a headache coming on. My arms and legs and all my joints just felt “tired”. Anyway we arrive at the foreshore and it is packed with people. We finally find a place to put down our blanket and prepare for the Carols. We are near the playground and the swing needs oil and it makes a screeching noise on each swing. I put up with the noise although my headache was feeling worse and trying to sit on the blanket was murder on my back. In less than an hour Donnis proclaimed she was ready to go home (much to my relief) as there was too much background noise, the screeching of the swing was unpleasant and she disagreed with all the drinking at what should be a family event.

As the night wore on my headache grew worse and the ache in my muscles and joints suggested I had a full blown attack of flu. Not so. Late in the evening I took a couple of pain killers and went to bed. Somewhere around half past midnight I was awakened by a terrible pain in my stomach and I stumbled off to the bathroom. Twenty minutes layer I crawled into bed feeling totally washed out. I drifted off into an uneasy sleep and an hour later was back up again.  By morning, having been “up” most of the night, I was totally wasted with aches and pains all over and although I was shivering in bed Donnis checked my temperature. I was running a fever!

No work today. I managed three jelly beans and a mouthful of orange juice about 9.30 am and somehow slept until 3.30pm when I was called off to the bathroom by my recalcitrant innards once more. Donnis started making a soup but the smell made me feel ill so it was back to the bedroom once more.

I did manage a small bowl of soup at 5pm but the stomach was protesting. I still have the headache and wobbly legs and as I type this my concentration is poor. I have had to re-read and re-type this three times already.

I guess one of the prawns I ate yesterday must have been “off”.

No photos this week but I promise there will be photos next week as we are off to Sarina for the Sugarloafers Christmas party which will be catered again this year.

el diahorrea por cualquier otro nombre sería como desagradable.


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