114. Sunday 13th December 2009. Missed photo opportunites and other stuff…

I am sure you know how it is…

We were driving to Mackay on Saturday. We have driven this road hundredes of times. It is a trip of close to 2 hours. As we passed throught the community (yep, community, too small for a town or a village, there are only half a dozen scattered houses) of Pindi Pindi with traffic zipping past on their way North and traffic behind me wanting to pass, Donnis commented on the blooming Bougainvillia in the yard of one of the houses. The tree has actually attached itself to another tree and stands at least 12 metres tall and half a dozen metres wide. The mass of purple blooms is just stunning. We both commmented for maybe the hundredth time, “we should get a photo”. Yep we should. We should plan our trip so we can make a stop and take photos. Despite being a small community there is a bit of history here. There is a public primary school on the hill a few hundred metres from the highway. Local kids from surrounding farming communities go to school here. Closer to the highway is another house with a well maintained clay tennis court, the house with the bougainvillia, a house on the other side of the highway, an abandonned brickworks and mostly hidden from the highway by trees and bushes is a stately home including columns. The brickworks are heritage listed, having been built in 1933 and only ceasing operations in the last 20 years. Each of the houses appears quite substantial and not your average fibro cottage common around other communities. These houses are made of brick. The brickworks are in a state of near collapse but despite the heritage listing and suggestion of being an archeological site, the Qld Government Dept does nothing and the deterioration continues despite it being a risk of collapsing.

We arrived at Sarina Showgrounds where thank goodness there was power for all who needed it. Also hot showers.We set up camp outside the bird pavillion

Camped outside the Bird Pavillion.

and turned on our AC shortly after arriving and it stayed on until mid Sunday morning and turned on again mid afternoon. The Sugarloafers arranged a catered meal at a cost of $30 a head. I have no argument with the quantity of food nor the price. The quality and choice was lacking. Despite the food we had an enjoyable evening. I say evening instead of night because most members head back to their motorhomes by 8.30 to watch TV or bed. Donnis and I walked around the oval before retiring for the night.

Sometime early in the evening two Army trucks arrived and their crew set up camp on the concrete floor of a pavillion.

Sunday I was up a early for a walk and headed around the oval again.  I caught up with the showgrounds caretaker who was walking his three Corgi’s. Now the caretaker is a grizzled old guy who looks a bit like an untidy, skinny, sunburned Santa Claus. He might also be an interesting person if he would only stop talking long enough so questions could be asked. So I listened.

A few weeks ago he was wakened during the night and could see torchlight in the bar section. Now there has not been a bar operating since around June. It seems a couple of locals thought there must be booze and were trying to jemmy open the rolla door. The heroic caretaker armed himself with a cugel, walking stick and torch and headed off to investigate. The would be burglars saw his torch approaching and jumped into their 4WD and drove up the road heading for the caretaker who leapt out of their way at the last moment and rolled on the bitumen road getting a dose of gravel rash while the 4WD drove through the locked and padlocked main gates. The caretaker residence does not have a phone nor did he have a mobile having somehow run over it while mowing the oval the week before. He had to hop on to his pushbike and ride into town to summon the Police.

At mid morning we had our usual monthly meeting followed by our AGM. Our President Sandra stood down as she has threatened to do the last two meetings. This time she meant it as her husband Phil is not well and although he was at the meeting he definately is not well. Several nominations were made including myself – nominated three times – declined three times. Finally somebody nominated Geoff, a new club member of six or so months. Geoff drives a large and impressive Sunliner. Geoff accepted the nomination was duly voted in and is now our new President. He lost no time reminding us that in order to have a club we must have people prepared to run it. Suitably chastened, those members such as myself and Nevin, Noel and even Chrystal a member only since the beginning of the year and with a very strong German accent , felt we were letting the side down. Whereas Sandra ran the club on a great social level and always put decisions to the assembled meeting, I feel Geoff is made of different material and is more inclined to follow rules and make decisions as required. Welcome Geoff and may you have a great and successful year.

We stayed an extra night simply because we did not want to be rushing home on Sunday straight after the meeting. The whole idea of these weekends is to escape and relax. So we did.

On our way home we saw a huge cruise liner had arrived in Airlie Beach.

Cruise Liner

fines de semana viva largos.


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