116. Monday 28th December 2009. Ho Ho Ho and a bottle of rum. Ooops. wrong ditty. Ho Ho Ho and a Merry Christmas…

A little late I know but have a great festive season, a happy, safe n prosperous new year. Except not as prosperous as I would like my new year to be.

Hope you had a good Christmas day and a few days of relaxation.

Ours started off a bit differently and ended up, well, differently but enjoyable nonetheless.

Donnis son Peter dropped in Christmas Eve on his way from Townsville to Brisbane. Donnis was at work so I made dinner. Donnis arrived home about 11pm and had a few minutes with Peter before going to bed. She had an early shift next morning and was gone by 6.30am and Peter left a few minutes later. He had a 13 hour drive ahead of him as he planned to catch up with his son Chris.

That left me at home sweltering in the typical tropical Christmas heat and making family phone calls. Donnis was late arriving home so we took off  in WHEREWILLWEGO about 6pm and headed for my daughter Melissa stud property at Finch Hatton. Arriving well past 8pm we had a Christmas dinner of cold meats and salads. It sure makes sense to have cold meals such as this or the more n more polular prawns n other seafoods instead of heating up the kitchen with a hot oven to produce hot chicken or turkey, pork and potatoes etc which nobody feels like eating anyway.

We woke on Boxing Day to the sound of a horse cropping and birds singing.

At Finch Hatton showing huge stables in background.

 Melissa had to leave for work shortly after breakfast while Steve had a two and a half hour drive to go to work at the mines so we headed off to Mackay to see what was happening with the Boxing Day sales. We had a wonderful lunch of leftover Turkey, potato salad and regular salad in the comfort of our MH parked in Bunnnings car park! Then it was off to Shoal Point to have a look at our house and how the gardens n lawn looks since we last saw it then we went to the beach, parked WWWGO near the water and had a luxurious afternoon espresso coffee n cream with fruit mince tarts, jelly, custard and ice cream.

At Shoal Point.

The cool sea breeeze was welcome. We felt a million $$$ with the view, the comfort of our own table and lounge chairs and the food. Then it was off to daughter Averyl house where we found her in a bit of pain with a headache and a tight neck muscle. They had spent the day at the Mackay Lagoons beside the water. Luckily we still had leftover Turkey on board so with a bit of cutting up and a salad, husband Paul found a McDonalds and bought some chips. That was our Boxing Day dinner.

Next morning at 3am Paul left for work at the mines. After breakfast and a trip to Bunnings Averyl and the kids, Shelby-Rose and Anakin headed off to Mirani Weir for a day of waterskiing. Initially we had thought of joining them but decided instead to go to the movies. You know… for the air conditioning!!! As we approached the movie complex we saw so many cars headed there too and the car park already looked full so we drove past and went to Eimeo Beach instead. We parked at the beach and had a luxurious lunch of left over Turkey with gravy, pumpkin, cranberry  sauce on toasted rye bread washed down with a cold beer. Ahh bliss! We were kept reasonably cool with a sea breeze coming off the uhhmm, well, errr … the sea.

Eimeo Beach

After lunch we drove to my sister Sandra house who was celebrating the first birthday of a granddaughter. John was working hard at the barbecue to feed about 20 people. After the party I was not feeling well. Lately I have been having some dizzy or light headed spells. They start off with a bit of a buzz in my head then I feel like toppling over. So I had a snooze beside the pool while Donnis joined a few of the guests in the pool. Once more we headed off to the movies and after buying our tickets to see Avatar in 3D we had dinner of fish n chips, salad and wine while parked on the grass between the movie theatre and a shopping centre. Donnis took all the left over champagne with grape juice in a soft drink bottle to the movies. By the way we enjoyed Avatar but be warned about 3D, it can play tricks with your eyes and mind. Sometimes you find yourself ducking out of the way from an object which really is not there! The surround sound system had animals  stampeding from behind us. A complete audio and visual sensory experience. As we left the theatre, the line up to enter the 9.15pm session was already 4 wide and went all the way out the front door. Of course the carpark was full. Still.

We left there and returned to Averyls house and plugged into 240volts so we could enjoy another night of air conditioned comfort.

Monday we had a so so lunch at McDonalds – we would rather have a Turkey on toasted rye but we had used up both of those ingredients. Then it was a leisurely drive home. We stopped at Pindi Pindi and took a few photos – you may recall a few weeks ago I mentioned the Bougainvillia tree in bloom. Well here is the photo.

Bougainvillia at Pindi Pindi

This is a late entry but you may recall a post a few weeks back where I mention about a Tawny Frogmouth in a tree outside the office. Well it seems it is a nest and there is a fluffy chick which has made an appearance to the world. I took about 20 photos. It was kinda hard to find just one for this entry but here it is.

Tawny Frogmouth parent n chick.


Today, Wednesday 30th December 2009. When I arrived at work I found the frogmouth chick had either been pushed or fell from the nest and was on the ground. However a 2nd adult frogmouth was watching over it. In fact it appeared to be nesting the chick under its chest. The 1st adult was still in the nest but there appeared to be a 2nd chick tucked in there and difficult to see. So now we had an adult and what appeared to be a chick in the nest and another adult and chick on the ground. For the three weeks or more we have been observing the nest we had never seen another adult but suspected there was one nearby. Later in the morning the ground adult left and the chick was struggling around on the ground. We were concerned as with all its movements it would bring attention to itself and be a target for dogs, cats, snakes and even other birds. I took some photos which although in focus look blurred. A Kookaburra was moving aroumd in the trees and keeping an eye on the chick. I suspect it is the same Kookaburra I saw late yesterday afternoon. When I next checked the chick was gone. Most likely the victim of foul play. Probably a late lunch for the Kookaburra. No further sign of the 2nd adult. Tomorrow might bring more changes. Perhaps the 2nd chick will venture out.


I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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