117. Sunday 3rd January 2010. Another year over, a new one begun…

We moved from one year into another in a seamless blurr. Well, not really a blurr but it was seamless. After dinner on New Years Eve we watched a little TV. I was not inclined to wait up until midnight and drive to Airlie, look for a parking spot, watch fireworks for 15 minutes then join the crowds heading home. I was struggling to stay awake watching whatever movie we were watching. We were in bed just before 10pm and I was asleep in moments. I woke during the night somewhere around 4am but quickly fell asleep again. So much for welcoming in the new year.

New Years Day was hot n humid with patches of rain. I made a start on pulling our water fountain apart to find out why the pump no longer works. I was sweating so badly it was dripping into my my eyes soI made a start on preapring to install a new 2way radio aerial on “WHEREWILLWEGO”. Then the same sweating thing happened so I sat on the back verandah with a little breeze and assembled the new whipper snipper I bought on Boxing Day. Still sweating profusely I retired inside the house with all fans working flat out while I read blogs on the internet or watched the drizzly rain. Then it was back out to work on the fountain for awhile. Pulled the pump apart and cleaned out the mud and tiny bits of seed or whatever was in the impellor chamber. Viola! It works again. The fountain feature base actually broke off earlier in the day when I was pulling it all apart. Hmmm. Will have to re-think how this feature will work in the future.

After dinner on New Years Day Donnis left for her night shift and was left to struggle once more staying awake watching TV. I was in bed by 10pm. Do you see a pattern emerging here? About half past midnight I woke thinking I could hear my mobile phone ringing. I had the AC turned on and doors closed in the bedroom. The mobile was on the dining table. The ringing stopped. Then it started again. I stumbled to the dining table, found the phone and answered it. A voice started to tell me somebody was calling reverse charges. That person was allowed to say his name. It was not a name I knew. The message was repeated. Then as I was trying to recognise the name the operator came on the line to say the caller had hung up.

I do not know how anybody else reacts to late night early morning phone calls, particularly those that wake you. I do not react well. I get the shakes as any call after 9.30 at night is usually an emergency or a nuisance. Either way I have trouble going back to sleep. After tossing n turning for ages I fired up the computer and read blogs for an hour until I felt drowsy then was back in bed and thankfully, fell asleep, waking at 7am.

Sunday was repeat of Saturday. Hot n humid. The fountain is working but I put the surrounds back in a hurry and it looks untidy. Sigh!

The radio is aerial installed but needs a final finishing touch, a soldering iron to attach th cable to the fitting into the back of the radio. Will have to borrow a soldering iron and perhaps its owner during the week. It is going to be a 2 person job.

At the end of each day my clothes have been wet n soggy. In the humidity it does not take much of an exertion to bring on perspiration. We have to keep drinking water otherwise dehydration quickly sets in.

I realise that although I mention we live in Airlie Beach I do not show many photos.

Way back in 2002 a wonderful central area known as the lagoons was opened. This is a great place for people to meet, have a swim, laze in the water, barbecue and picnic. It is a safe water environment with lifesavers on duty. Of course over the years the area has been changed with new features and more shade. It is a great place for singles, couples, families and groups. The idea of the lagoon has been taken up by other larger towns and cities such as Cairns, Townsville and Mackay. The great news is, it is all free.

I have not taken any recent photos but below is an early photo taken in  2002 shortly after the lagoon was opened. I used my original digital camera, the Panasonic NV-DCF7 with 3 times zoom and 1.3Mp capacity. I now have the award winning Panasonic FZ50 with 12 times zoom and 10Mp.

Airlie lagoon

Airlie Lagoon


I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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