118. Sunday 10th January 2010. A new life in the balance…

No! Not ours! A little fluffy tawny frogmouth chick.

First Chick which fell on the ground and later disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

The nest, which was not much of a nest to begin with is falling apart. The chick is in danger of falling out. Ian at work climbed a ladder and knocked it down into a box filled with pine needles held by Sally just below. They took the chick onto our office verandah and left it in the nest box. I suggested we put a couple of fallen branches on the verandah so the parent can have somewhere to stand guard over the chick. The parent stayed in the tree all day but next morning was on the verandah keeping watch. On the branch on the verandah.

Parent and second chick on office verandah.

 In tawny frogmouth circles new chicks back out of the nest and hang their rear ends over the side to defecate. This poor chick is backing all over the verandah and cannot find the edge. It probably will eventually but could fall off. So we blocked off the verandah edge, I picked up the little off white ball of fluff and put it in the nest we made. The parent kept an eye on me and apart from opening its beak and making noises did not try to attack me. Over the next few days I have seen the chick changing colour until it now has similar colouring as the parent. The gawky wings which seemed to be a hindrance are now taking shape and it is looking more like a bird.

The ugly duckling turning into a swan err ummm you know what I mean!

We have been chasing the kookaburra away but it keeps coming back. Looking for an easy meal.

On Saturday my daughter Averyl and her children Shelby – Rose and Anakin, drove up from Mackay for a visit. They left Paul at home as he was unwell and not keen on the trip. I made spaghetti bolognaise for dinner with toasted sourdough bread on the side. It seems like the correct choice as there were no complaints and everything on the plates got eaten. Even seconds. After dinner we played a little Wii before putting on a movie “Ice Age Three”. Both Averyl and Shelby – Rose fell asleep within minutes. Anakin and I made the full distance. Donnis was having a hard night at the nursing home.

Today we took the kids for a walk along the Cannonvale Beach to Airlie Beach boardwalk then the kids had a swim in the lagoon. We had Brumby’s Pies for lunch then another round of Wii games before Donnis headed off to the nursing home and Averyl and tyhe kids headed back to Mackay. A pretty laid back weekend for me and for once I did not feel guilty about not getting any yardwork done.

As I type this late in the afternoon a family of tiny honeyeaters are chittering outside my window as each one takes a turn flying down to a garden ornament with water in it. As each one drinks its fill it lets out a “chirrup” and flys into an overhanging tree when another flys down. Sometimes three or more are in the ornament while one keeps watch.

The weather all weekend has been windy, as forecast, hot, as forecast and with rain although not fully as forecast. It was supposed to be heavy rain. It has been more like heavy occassional showers. So far the ground just below the surface is still dry so there is probably not much runoff into the dams.


I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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