119. Sunday 17th January 2010. Hot Summer Nights…

In fact it is hot summer!!!

We have to expect it will be hot this time of year. Hot and humid. The weather forecast for the next couple of days has northerly winds swinging from northeast to northwest. That is when life really becomes uncomfortable. The winds just make everything seem even more sticky and hot. It also makes the skin feel gritty. The humidity levels skyrocket but there is no rain. This week there is a low expected to turn into a cyclone which may bring in the southerly winds and perhaps some real rain. Until then it is just hot and sticky and my car is an oven as I have not done anything to get the AC fixed.

The rain we had last week has not penetrated the ground nor was there enough for runoff into the dams. It was enough to wake the grass. The grass woke, yawned and stretch and called out to its friends and neighbours, “c’mon time to get up and growing”. All the grass responded particularly the guinea grass which is as high as an elephants eye. That stuff I have to dig out roots n all. The rest I have to mow and whipper snipper. Within 5 minutes I am drenched in sweat and all energy is drained from me as I need water. Ignore the thirst signs for too long and vision gets blurry, a headache begins and the shakes are not too far away. A wise word for anybody new to the tropics and the heat in general. Stay re-hydrated at all times.

Most of the weekend is spent trying to stay out of the heat and finding something to do which can be done in the shade (or in AC) and does not need much energy. I have planned to make some shelves inside the cupboards of  WWWGO and for the most part that will keep me inside with the AC turned on. Next weekend I will actually buy some timber and a jigsaw and make a start instead of just thinking about it.

I have added a new link for RV Dreams a site for the USA which I have been reading almost daily for 5 years.

The frogmouth is growing and changing colour. It is now living on the verandah edge with the parent next to it. Both just sit there and look down on to the nature strip beside the creek. I guess another week or two he will try to fly when he develops tail feathers. His big cute yellow eyes tell us he is well aware of us being around and he can swivel his head through 180 degrees.


I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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