120. Sunday 24th January 2009. The bird has flown the coop…

Boo Hoo. The little tawny frogmouth chick and its parent are gone. We came to work on Thursday morning and there is no sign of them. We really do not think the chick had enough strength to fly away so perhaps there are other reasons why they are both gone. The chick was beginning to take on the colouring of the parent and was no longer looking like a ball of fluff. It now had feathers and looked like a small version of the parent. Regretably Thursday was also the day I took the camera expecting to take some fresh photos of the progress in its life.

Yesterday while in the garden I heard a bit of a scurrying sound in the undergrowth. I am always wary there may be a snake, after all we do live in snake territory. Anyplace in Oz, outside city streets are likely to have snakes and where we live is home to some of the deadliest snakes in the world. However I have only seen one snake in all the years we have lived here. It was a dark green, almost black, tree snake. I have seen dead snakes around the streets and one very large carpet snake one morning in the street at the back of our house. I digress. The scurrying sound, upon investigation came from a little chick. This one is a baby Stone Curlew and has strange long legs for such a little creature. No sign of the parents, in fact I have not seen them around for several months.

Thursday there was  a tropical cyclone way up north above Cooktown. By Friday it had become an ex Tropical Cyclone. By Saturday lunchtime a new cyclone had formed off the coast from Cairns. Although a category 1 it can still cause damage. It is expected to pick up intensity over the next 24 hours and cross the coast between Port Douglas and Cairns. One thing we know about cyclones is they never do the expected. Here the wind is picking up and rain showers come along from time to time. If the cyclone does cross the coast Monday morning the resulting rain depression could move south and dump lots of rain on us. I am awake at 2.30 am Sunday morning (woke up and could not go back to sleeep) and will be back in bed soon. (I hope) Will know more when I wake later in the morning and check the latest reports.

The cyclone turned into a tropical low and is drifting across the top end of Queensland – The Peninsular Country – and will probably reform as a cyclone when it reaches the gulf on the other side. No sigh of relief though, the ex tropical cyclone ” Neville” has been hovering around the coast and has intensified as a severe weather warning. Still with strong winds up to 100 Klm per hour and expected to dump some heavy rain overnight and Monday morning particulary around Airlie Beach and Mackay.

It is Monday morning as I edit this post. Still in my jammies as I did not go for a walk this morning.  I did my back maintenance routine which includes up to 10 minutes on the inversion mattress and another 5 minuters of yoga tucks but I really need a good walk but I am not going walking and getting rained on. We had the AC turned on last night so we could sleep. It is so humid that everything feels damp. If we had strong winds and heavy rain during the night  it would probably have woken us even with the AC turned on. It is still a little dark although normally at this hour there is plenty of sunlight. There is heavy cloud cover and the ground is still wet. It is raining lightly but persistantly. It is also still out side, not a breath of breeze although the latest weather warning issued at 5.25am still forecasts heavy rain and strong winds. To be safe we closed the windows in WHEREWILLWEGO. If the rain does get blown horizontally by the wind we do not want WWWGO getting wet on the inside particularly the bed.

Donnis bought a Roman Blind for WWWGO to close off the driving area from the living area and save on AC costs. The gap is 112cm wide and of course she bought a blind which is 150cm wide. We pulled it apart and while I cut the timber top rail and slats she cut the cloth and restitched. We screwed bits back together as a joint effort and perhaps next weekend we will install it in WWWGO as a joint effort. It should look quite nice when installed and will be an attractive piece of furnishing. It seems to match the colour of the curtains and at $25 when on special may turn out to be a bargain.


4 Responses to “120. Sunday 24th January 2009. The bird has flown the coop…”

  1. Rod Shaut Says:

    I Enjoy your blog. Sounds like you have weather like we do here in Galveston, Texas. Hot & humid with a chance of a hurricane.


    • frankeeg Says:

      Gidday Rod,
      Yep sure do. You are somewhere near 20 degrees north and our cyclones usually start about 20 degrees south.
      Good to hear from you.
      Just curious. Are you part of the RV Dreams family or did you just stumble onto my blog?


  2. Rod Shaut Says:

    I saw your post on RV Dreams and checked your blog out. I’ve added yours to my daily blog list so you will probably be hearing from me on occasion.


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