123. Sunday 14th February 2010. Valentines Day and rain…

Valentines Day is drawing to a close as I write this. My Valentine, Donnis, is in cold Canada suffering from the flu. We only spoke briefly by phone this morning as she is too cold and miserable and having difficulty breathing and sleeping. Her sister Joan has filled her with many natural remedies so who knows they might work otherwise it is off to the hospital for anti biotics – maybe.

I think Donnis started to feel unwell after an 18 hour flight from Oz to Vancouver and little sleep then trundling off to sit in a stadium in the cold and watch the Winter Olympics opening ceremony practise. Not to mention another 60,000 people spreading their germs around.

Back here in Airlie Beach we have had rain all week. At the beginning of the week it was heavy then followed by a bit of sunlight which raised the humidity levels to uncomfortable again. Later in the week it was rain showers followed by sunlight followed by oppressive humidity.

Friday night the rain was more constant, in fact the temperature and humidity dropped. It was 22 in the kitchen, no idea what the humidity level was but it was cool enough to sleep without the AC. In fact during the night I dragged a cotton blanket over myself. In the morning again it was quite pleasant and I thought it would be a nice day to get things done. It was still raining. I went off to do the grocery shopping. While in the shopping centre the sun came out and it was oppressive again. The weekend stayed wet and fine even until tonight when a short shower just passed over.

I still managed to re-install the two way radio which was repaired under warranty. It took me an hour of sweating in the front cabin of WHEREWILLWEGO trying thread the radio cable behind the dash. The radio is a separate face and amplifier unit. Finally it was all done, dash screwed back together and it works. I got our neighbour Stan to use a hand held radio to test send and receive. Yeeha!

I also managed to get another three overhead lockers fitted with shelves so everything will fit in a bit neater but we can fit in a lot more.

I also installed our new quiet Caframo fan above the foot of the bed. It has two large blades with extra soft edges so no damage will be done to fingers. There is no safety  cage around the blades as there is with our stainless steel blades on another noisy fan.

I read many blogs about people who have travelled around Oz or the USA. Some are travel diaries and the people are back home and finished their travels and others are on the road full time. Some of those other travel blogs can be found on the links on the right hand side tool bar.

Some blogs explain how they finance thier trips.

Some work until they have enough to move on.

Some sold everything and live on the income from investments.

Some are retired and have managed to have good super investments and live on their self funded pension.

Some are on a Government Pension and have a tight budget.

Some saved for the big trip and rely soley on their savings. When the savings run out the holiday ends.

Last year I took accumulated leave of 13 weeks and we travelled to Tassie and back. Our big mistake was travelling too far and too fast. We sure would like to do it again only spend more time in many places.

I still have Long Service Leave and some accrued leave and would not mind taking another 3 months to travel. We would not travel as far this time.

In the immediate future we have a couple of Sugarloafers weekends in February March and April. At the end of April early May we are going to the Wintermoon Festival again. This time for 6 days. WooHoo. Lovin’ it already.

Happy Valentines Donnis. Sure hope you are feeling better soon so you can visit your Mum which was the whole purpose of the trip.


One Response to “123. Sunday 14th February 2010. Valentines Day and rain…”

  1. Rod Shaut Says:

    Frank you sound as lonely and worried as I would be if my valentine was so far away and sick. I hope Donnis recovers fast and gets to enjoy her time with her mom.

    I think you’re correct about her getting sick from being in a plane. The last time we flew I made a promise to myself to never get in a tin can with a bunch of stangers coughing and spreading God knows what. The only place I’m going now is by truck.

    It’s good to have neighbors to help you out. I know the feeling of trying to do something and needing another set of hands.


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