125. Sunday 28th February 2010. More rain, more humidity, more mould, more musings and I celebrate our wedding anniversary…

A year ago Donnis and I were married. It is only 27th in Canada so she can celebrate tomorrow. When she arrives home in about two weeks we will try to go out somewhere for dinner…

The other night I was watching a documentary on SBS Television. In part it was about the Swiss Alps and I recall the commentator saying “They say don’t go on…mountains”. Well, those few words set my mind off on a tangent and I started to sing, mentally. Then I sang verbally.
“They say don’t go on Wolverton Mountain,
If you’re lookin’ for a wife,
cause Clifton Clowers has a purty young daughter
an he’s might handy, with a gun and a knife”.
Whew. Where did that come from? It must be from about 1960 or 1962 and I have not heard that song since… well, since about then. So it pops into my mind almost 50 years later and sparked off by a few words on a TV Documentary.
I lost interest in the TV then and turned it off.
Then the mind starts moving away from that tangent on another tangent about ballads that were popular in the late 50’s to mid to late 60’s. Songs such as
Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley.

Ballad of Battle of New Orleans

North to Alaska

And a host of other Ballad / Folk songs which were popular at the time and which I am not going to compile a list of here.

I do find that often when people are talking to me, a song fitting their comments will pop into my mind. It happens on an almost daily basis.

Saturday 2nd last day of February 2010.

The last two days has been raining. Heavy at times and it has dropped the temperature and humidity. In fact I was able to sleep unassisted the last two nights. Assisted sleep means in an air-conditioned room.

The Outrigger people are in town for the first North Queensland Zone event of the year. Once I was part of this competitive fraternity, paddling for the Sunset Bay Club. In fact I was President of the Club for 2 years.

The sun has made a couple of appearances today and driven the humidity levels back up to intolerable. I thought it would be nice to get on the Virago and ride down to Airlie with the camera to catch a few action shots as well as to see if there are any die hard paddlers still being crazy after all these years. (now there’s another song – Neil Simon) The bike would not start. The battery is flat. So I had to pull the seat off to get access to the battery. I suppose I have not ridden for 5 or 6 weeks so a flat battery was not inconceivable. I have pulled it out and put it on the charger. It was lunchtime so ate while I pondered driving the car to the beach.
Drove my car to Airlie but noticed a funny smell. Hmmm. Something dead, lizard perhaps? On the way home in a different light I noticed what is causing the smell. Because the car has been unused for near to three weeks the seats and other parts of the upholstery have grown thick masses of mould in the humid weather. Yuk! I was sitting on mould also. Now there’s another job.
Nothing to see at the outriggers as the ladies marathon was in full swing and the canoes were somewhere off in the distance. I did meet three people still paddling from way back when. Groups of people lying around recovering from their marathon and others lie around conserving energy waiting for their marathon. Same old, same old. That was the worst part when the marathons were on. Sprints meant you were on adrenalins high all morning. Marathons you sat and waited or sat and recovered. Nothing to photograph but I have a photo from 2008.

Outriggers jockeying for marathon start position.

It is raining again. Unless I put on a raincoat and go outside and pull weeds I am confined to working inside.


Sunday. Raining on and off. Humidity is WHEW!

The good ship Queen Mary II arrived here this morning and is anchored off Airlie and it is mighty impressive in size. I tried to take photos but all the best vantagepoints have something in front of them. Also on full zoom it is difficult to hold the camera steady. Plus the wind is blowing directly onto the camera. Thankfully my Panasonic FZ 50 is equipped with auto “Shake” correction although it cannot perform miracles.

Queen Mary II taken from the Coral Point Lodge Private carpark.

My brother Allan and his wife Rae arrive on a cruise ship for a few hours next Saturday. I can send them the photos and say, “this where you will be parked” and “you will have mobile phone service”.

Along with the humidity comes the mould growth. Inside the house, especially in wardrobes, the clothes and shoes not used frequently are growing a blue green colour. It smells damp and musty. Nothing else we can do but wait it out, perhaps wash all the clothes and bedclothes and pillows and blankets and curtains and towels. Shoes will need to be wiped over and cleaned and oh I am not looking forward to this. I thought the smell was coming from the T-shirt I am wearing. I have only worn it today and it is sweaty already. Alas it is not the shirt, it is not me it is the house.
The motorhome is musty too so I will have to do the same thing inside there, including wiping down all timber surfaces and bench tops. Vinegar and water spray should do the trick.
That’s my week drawing to a close. The beard needs a trim so see ya next week.


Queen Mary II from Cannonvale Beach. Note the &^%* raindrop smudge on both photos. Remember to click on any photo for a full size version.


I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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